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MARG Business Transformations is a leading Corporate Training and Consulting firm and the primary Authorized affiliate for Prosci in India. Established in 2007 and headquartered in Bangalore, we have consistently provided exceptional and customized corporate training solutions over the past 16 years. MARG has more than a decade of experience with an impeccable record of 1000+ satisfied clients and more than 2,50,000 trained professionals.

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3 Things to consider for Talent Retention Strategy

It’s well known that people usually leave their managers and not companies but even more important is the ecosystem or culture that provides necessary tools to the line managers in helping design a thriving workplace. So, let’s talk about the 3 C’s which should be part of the ‘’Talent Engagement and Retention’’ strategy, especially in …

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Enterprise Change Management

What is Enterprise Change Management?

    Many organizations are applying change management to specific projects and initiatives. The most innovative organizations, however, are looking beyond project-by-project application and asking: how can we develop an enterprise-wide change management capability? Since 2005, Prosci has undertaken research and development to address this question. The result is Prosci’s research, tools, and offerings for …

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Talent Acquisition

Do This To Avoid Losing Talent

In today’s knowledge economy, employees with unique skills profoundly impact organizations, and it’s crucial to keep them happy. Though many managers believe that compensation is the key, genuinely talented people aren’t highly motivated by money alone. Feeling special is far more vital to them, and Managers need to respect a few never-dos: Listen & never …

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