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Envision, inspire and transform your organisation with
business strategy planning

Businesses today are more at risk for disruption than ever before, from evolving customer expectations
and emerging technologies to more dynamic companies entering industries.
We help you overcome challenges regarding:
  • Company culture.
  • Business processes.
  • Strategy.

To help you achieve your business dreams, our consultants innovate a custom strategy that ensures success. We can help you adapt to today’s market dynamics and continue to compete, regardless of the threats you might face. 

We can guide you from tactical improvements to change management efforts.

At MARG, we are experienced leaders and practitioners who are:
  • Customer-focused
  • Delivery-excellence driven
  • Can navigate and manage a complex project
  • Working effectively across diverse business and technology organisations

Create Impact With business consulting

Marg brings significant industry experience to develop practical solutions for you, presented to you on a ready-to-execute basis.

Navigating Business Challenges with corporate consulting

How Marg Consulting Helps Position Your Business with B2B Consulting

Looking to position your brand amidst high competition? We at MARG will develop a strategy for all kinds of businesses, whether they’re B2B, B2C, well established or just looking to enter the market. 

Consulting Building Leadership Capability

Looking to boost your leaders' potential? MARG provides you with impactful and modern leadership coaching that takes your management a more empathetic and participative approach.

Coaching Building Solution

Do you want tailor-made business solutions? MARG studies your organisation’s needs and gives you specific solutions for your challenges.

Change Management Delivering Solution

For large scale project deployment, MARG provides you Prosci Change Management coaching to deliver results.

For Startup Companies

Looking to set up a new business? We are here to make the task easy for you. Our consultants at MARG are here to help you establish your organisation and process in this extremely competitive world of today.

Process Improvement

  • Develop procedure and policy for process.
  • Refine existing processes to deliver specific solutions.
  • Develop governance structure for smooth operations.

Strategy & Financial Planning

  • Develop a customised financial model.
  • Strategize financial plan with:
    • Sales force
    • CRM
    • Market segmentation
    • Hiring & retention

HR Consulting

  • Establish a scalable and sustainable E2E talent management model.
  • Develop a positive and engaging culture.
  • Develop tailor made hiring+retention best practices.

Change Management-Prosci Advisory services

  • Alignment coaching for leadership with workshops.
  • Change maturity modelling.
  • Change management Execution Support + Deployment.

For Mature Companies

Managing and leading change in this disruptive world requires assistance. MARG offers you custom made consulting services for your various business needs.

Process Improvement

  • Refine and review process governance and decision-making mechanisms.
  • Moulding processes to prioritise business requirements.
  • Develop cross functionality of processes.

Strategy & Financial Planning

  • Define and develop MIS and planning Systems.
  • Revision of Excel Business Plan Model for smoother functioning.
  • Revisit mission, vision and strategy.

HR Consulting

  • Refining and revising succession plan.
  • Support in deploying innovative cultural initiatives.
  • Leadership Development across various levels.

Change Management-Prosci Advisory services

  • Alignment coaching for leadership with workshops.
  • Change maturity modelling.
  • Change management Execution Support + Deployment.

A look at our training modules

Prosci Change Management

Looking for knowledge, tools and resources to manage change in your organisation? As the only authorised Prosci affiliate in India, our Change Management Training programme for Enterprises will guide your workforce as they go through change. For guidance in defining and adopting corporate strategies, structures, procedures and technologies to handle change, click the link.


Emergenetics helps you understand your employee's behaviour and thinking characteristics. If you want your workforce to build personal power, and understanding by improving performance communication, check out our solutions offered

Human Synergistics

The Human Synergistics Assessment tool allows you to observe, measure, and change the culture of your organisation. If you want to enhance productivity and positivity in your business through culture assessment and improvement, click the link.

Leadership Development

For communication in your organisation to be effective, it needs to be customised to the context and needs. We at MARG help you overcome your business challenges with leadership development in your organisation.

Client Testimonials

The program was wonderful. Very scientific methodology to execute the change, very well thought of. This will surely help me during my change journeys. The delivery was also wonderful. The Instructor was also knowledgeble. Appreciate his method of delivery and his knowledge on the subject on top or all his speciality and ability on how to deliver the skill.

Global Head - Sales & Solutions


This was one of the best training programs I have attended. Great insights into the Change Management process and the effectiveness of the PROSCI ADKAR Model in any situation. Thank you so much Krish & Bharathi.

Director, Global Practice, Process Sensor and IOT


It was a very interactive session and definitely helped me see roles from a different perspective and realise the importance of sponsor involvement in a project. I definitely have takeaways to apply to my current practices. I plan to educate my stakeholders on the importance and roles of CM from the knowledge I gained to make CM more effective in projects.

Program Manager, Business Transformation


The workshop was a great learning experience bringing in a whole new perspective and methodology about change management. Well organised, Krish did a fantastic job and took us through this learning journey with a lot of enthusiasm and energy, and made it interesting for us to learn.

Human Resource Leader


Despite the fact that this was an online session, it was very well organised. The session gave ample opportunities to interact with peers while making good progress on important items. The use of games and quizzes to build interest in the Excerpts book was a wonderful idea! Krish is absolutely amazing.

Vice President, Human Resource


Great session Anu. I am not a first time manager in industry but a first timer to WD. Though I have attended extensive leadership/manager trainings before, this training was simple and insightful. I know you could touch upon only few topics in management but you made sure you covered them all in detail. Thanks to you.

Senior Manager, Firmware Engineering


Trainer is very Good with skills and he answered most of the question and doubts we had and I was able to understand the topics explained, but I felt he went little fast, if he goes a bit slow it would help us in understanding the topics clearly, sometimes we miss the flow.

Business Principal Analyst

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