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Marg In-house Training:

Training Schedule & Commercials: For each in-house Training, Marg ensures that Topic, Scope, Learning Objectives,  Date, Time and Commercials are all agreed (and subsequently adhered to) with documentation established and confirmed through an email from Marg. Where required, a contract shall be created to support a longer relation. During the process Marg may share with a Client either pro-forma invoices or tentative quote which are to be treated confidential and cannot be shared or discussed with anyone who is not an employee of the particular client. The final terms and conditions described above, are also to be treated confidential and cannot be shared or discussed with anyone who is not an employee of the particular client.

Payment Terms: Unless stated and documented otherwise, payment to be made within 30 days of the date of our invoice. In case of coaching and other such periodic development interventions, monthly payment is to be made based on the specific contractual document. Payments can be made either through Cheques/drafts or electronic transfers – with details available in the invoice.

Training Facilities: Client to provide the Training Room with projector, speakers, whiteboard, markers required for training. Client to provide all writing pads and pens to participants. Client shall advise appropriate breaks and participants should be made available continuously. Marg and the Client shall discuss and agree upon providing any additional requirements for a specific training.

Training Material – Handouts, Workbooks, or links to materials, appropriate to the training conducted, will be provided to the participants with the Client’s agreement. Feedback Forms/Action Plan templates  to be provided and collected by Marg for its own training evaluation. Client may administer their feedback forms as well

Confidentiality during Training Sessions: Marg and Client shall agree that they will not at any time (including after the training has been delivered), divulge proprietary, private, confidential and/or sensitive information that was exchanged to any third party.

Marg Workshop Training:

Marg open workshop shall be conducted at the Marg organized venue (own office or hotel, as decided and advertised).

Marg Open workshop fees are payable in advance and is inclusive of venue, food and beverages cost.

Prosci Workshop:

All Prosci Workshops comes under the Licensee Agreement of Prosci Inc, USA. License rights, as well as terms and conditions, to the Prosci Portal and Portal Tools for Corporate Licensees shall be applicable to the end user who are receiving access to the same on account of being a participant in India through Marg, Prosci’s Global Affiliate for any Prosci program.

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