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Grow your change capabilities at the individual and enterprise levels with unlimited access to Prosci’s world-class tools, methodologies, and training materials.

Practitioner Certification

  1. This Certification will help in evaluating the risk of the change, the capability and interest of leaders to engage in the change, and the need for coaching them.
  2. It will also help evaluate the challenges that may emerge from the rest of the organization (managers and employees) and develop plans to address them.
  3. It will also help establish change management as a role and engage with other project team members – while working with our sponsors to lead the change better.
  4. After this 3-day program, you can successfully support/execute the next change your business leader is driving.

Train the Trainer

As the need for Change Management as a skill grows in the organization, how would you address integration and costs?

  1. Integration: How will you make the Prosci training programs more relevant [make better connections with organizational reality, specific examples of what’s happening in the organization right now, connecting the dots with other elements of the organization’s reality]?
  2. Costs: There are costs attached to sending individual groups to external certification sessions, costs of aligning different batches, venue-related costs, etc.

Prosci’s TTT program helps you establish trainers within your organization.

  1. These trainers can directly impact learning in the session and leverage the organizational infrastructure for learning, thereby improving integration and reducing costs.
  2. The additional advantages of timing the sessions with the right projects, within different business units or cross-functionally, can be immeasurable for a results-oriented organization in a hurry.

Manager Program

Organizations during change often have a set of actions that will yield adoption but do not differentiate between employees or the different roles they have during change.

  1. During change, Prosci’s industry best practices research identifies the need for managers to be on-boarded as employees before asking them to lead their employees into change.
  2. This program addresses participants the need for middle managers to engage in change, provides them with industry best practices to understand the “how,” and provides them with tools that are ready to use to engage with their employees on the change. The focus is on helping them work with the organization and be successful change leaders.

Employee Program

During change, employees often have fundamental questions about the change. Prosci’s best practice research tells us some of the questions included.

  1. Why is change happening now?
  2. What is the rush?
  3. If I wait long enough, will the change just go away?
  4. What if I disagree with the change?
  5. What if they had tried before and failed?
  6. What if I am forced to do more for the same pay?

How would you wish to address these questions or these concerns? Prosci’s one-day employee program is an interactive opportunity to help employees surface and address some of these concerns and provide them with practical means to address them with their managers.

The session helps build self-awareness around their reaction to the change and helps the team engage with the change better.

ECM Bootcamp

If your organizations have invested before in different capabilities – but have not got the intended ROI.

  1. This specialized workshop focuses on teams building change capability in the organization.
  2. It provides the right tools and methods to help define the change (adding this as a capability), the support required and potential factors that help/hinder the initiative, key steps to be taken, and how to help leaders successfully bring the organization along.

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    *Note: Marg shall reserve the right for cancelling or shifting the workshops virtually. The participants will be notified about any such changes accordingly.