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Train-The-Trainer Program

The Prosci Train-the-Trainer Program helps you establish a world-class change management training program within your organization by enabling you to deliver Prosci’s engaging role-based training programs internally.

By becoming a trainer, you improve the overall change-readiness of your organization while reducing the long-term costs of change management training.

Train-the-Trainer Program Level 1 focuses on core role-based training programs for key support roles and teams within your organization. Level 2 enables you to expand your reach and teach the Change Management Practitioner Program and Change Management Sponsor Briefing. The Level 1 and Level 2 programs are available in both in-person and virtual instructor-led formats.

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    Who’s This Program For

    This program is exclusively for Prosci Certified Change Practitioners who are ready to start deploying change management training throughout their organizations.

    Program Highlights

    The Train-the-Trainer Program prepares you for your role as an expert internal change management trainer and develops your organization’s change management function:

    Learning Objectives

    During the Train-the-Trainer Level 1 and Level 2 Programs, you will:
    • Learn the purpose, objectives, intended audience and structure of Prosci’s role-based programs
    • Review key learning modules and facilitation recommendations
    • Practice facilitating select learning modules in front of the class and instructors
    • Receive feedback and recommendations for improving delivery
    • Craft a training delivery strategy to guide implementation of change management training following the program

    Train-the-Trainer Program Level 1

    This two-day program prepares practitioners to internally teach role-based programs for front-line employees, people managers, and project managers and teams Prerequisite: Prosci Change Management Certification within the last 24 months

    Programs You Will Learn to Teach

    Change Management Program for Managers

    A one-day program that builds change competency in manages by defining their role in change and providing practical frameworks for effectively leading their employees through change.

    Fundamentals of Change Management

    A one-day program that provides participants with an understanding of the fundamental concepts and organizational benefits of effective change management.

    Delivering Project Results Workshop

    A half-day workshop for your project leaders that explores the importance of change management in meeting project objectives and the opportunity for more effective integration and partnership.

    Change Management Employee Orientation

    A one-day program that focuses on the Prosci ADKAR® Model and empowers front-line employees with the framework and skills to lead themselves through change.

    Program Agenda


    1. Change Management Program for Managers
    2. Fundamentals of Change Management


    1. Delivering Project Results Workshop
    2. Change Management Employee Orientation

    Train-the-Trainer Program Level 2

    This two-day program extends the learning from Level 1, preparing practitioners to internally teach role-based programs for change managers and sponsors. Prerequisites: Prosci Change Management Certification and Train-the-Trainer Program Level 1

    Programs You Will Learn to Teach

    Change Management Practitioner Program

    A three-day program where participants learn how to apply Prosci’s holistic change management methodology and tools, including the Prosci ADKAR Model, to a real project.

    Change Management Sponsor Briefing

    A one-day program for executives that focuses on the critical connection between sponsorship, change management and business results.

    Program Agenda


    1. Program Design, and Facilitation Tips, Tricks
      and Traps
    2. Program Walk-through and Teach-back


    1. Importance of Audience and Influence on Training Strategy
    2. Program Design, and Facilitation Tips, Tricks and Traps

    Program Materials

    Level 1 and Level 2 Program Materials

    The following materials and resources are included in the Train-the-Trainer Program:

    Change Management Practitioner Program

    Facilitator guides include key messages, activity directions, slides from each role-based program, timing considerations, and how to prepare for each program.

    Prosci Train-the-Trainer Support Site

    Always-available resource with access to slide decks, facilitator tips and tricks, specialized webinars, and podcasts to support your successful facilitation of Prosci programs.

    Internal Delivery Requirements and Purchasing Materials

    To complete each Train-the-Trainer Program, participants must facilitate their first Prosci program at their organization within 90 days.
    To deliver a role-based program, the Train-the-Trainer graduate must purchase the associated training materials. The individual sets are listed below. If interested in purchasing an Enterprise Change Management License to cover all Prosci training materials, please contact us for pricing.