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Enterprise Change Management Boot Camp

The Enterprise Change Management (ECM) Boot Camp kick-starts an
organization’s journey toward change capability. During the Boot Camp,
participants learn to understand current levels of capability, clearly define
their organization’s future state, and begin to lay a path forward toward
reaching the desired level of organizational capability. This program is
available in both in-person and virtual instructor-led formats.

Enterprise Change Management (ECM) Bootcamp

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    Who is this course for?

    The ECM Boot Camp is designed for change leaders or teams who are responsible for building change capability in their division or organization.

    The ECM Boot Camp is particularly relevant to leaders
    responsible for:


    Participants will receive:

    Program Agenda



    Learning Objectives

    Participants of the ECM Boot Camp will:
    • Become aware of how organizational change agility
      leads to competitive advantage
    • Know how to assess the current level of change
      management maturity across five capability areas
    • Define a future state vision for change capability
    • Learn how to manage the deployment of change management
    • Understand how the people side of change relates to
      building capability
    • Create their own ECM strategy map
    • Discover the best practices in applying change
      management to project ECM