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The Value of Prosci Change Management Certification in India

Change management certificationWhy Pursue Prosci Certification?

Fueling this surge in certification is the growing recognition of change management’s value. Prosci’s Best Practices in Change Management research revealed that a significant 74% of participants have pursued change management certification programs.
Why are professionals seeking this additional credential? Let’s explore the key reasons participants cited:

Structured Approach: Prosci provides a clear methodology for managing change, fostering deeper understanding and a structured way of thinking.

Enhanced Skills and Credibility: Certification bolsters your career prospects, builds confidence, and equips you with valuable, transferable skills.

Common Tools and Frameworks: Gain access to practical tools, templates, and methodologies readily applicable to change projects.

Increased Success Rates: Certification empowers you to help organizations recognize the value of change management and implement standardized approaches for achieving desired outcomes.

Drive Change Excellence with Prosci Change Management Training

Research confirms the value of change management training. But what should you expect from a program? It depends on the training organization’s philosophy.

At Marg Business Transformation, India’s authorized Prosci affiliate, we believe in an immersive, hands-on approach. Our focus aligns perfectly with what participants in Prosci’s research found most beneficial:

Learning by Doing: We prioritize practical application. You will gain the skills to immediately implement tools, best practices, and models in your projects.

Mastering the Prosci ADKAR Model: This core model empowers you to understand individual and organizational change readiness. You will learn how each element of ADKAR applies to your role in driving successful change initiatives.

What Topics Will You Cover?

Our comprehensive training addresses the key areas identified in Prosci’s research:

Change Management Planning: Develop effective plans with a focus on communication, training, and managing resistance.

Prosci Methodology: Learn the industry leading Prosci approach, a proven framework for navigating change successfully.

Essential Tools: Gain access to practical tools for assessing change readiness, evaluating impact, and analysing stakeholders.

Change Management Fundamentals: Understand the core principles of change management, its benefits, and the psychology of change.

Why Choose In-Person or Virtual Training?

While various training options exist, nothing compares to learning directly from subject-matter experts. Our instructors are skilled in adult learning methods, ensuring a highly engaging and practical learning experience. Whether you choose in-person or virtual training, you will benefit from:

  1. Expert-Led Instruction
  2. Interactive Sessions
  3. Networking Opportunities

If you wish to equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to lead successful change initiatives in your organization, enroll in one of Marg Business Transformation’s upcoming Prosci Change Management Certification workshops.