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Capability : Delivering Results Through A Combination Of Capacity And Ability

What Capabilities?

After letting customer/market/strategic capabilities take precedence, organizations are turning the discussion upon themselves.

  1. Change management capability
  2. Risk management capability
  3. Asset management capability
  4. Leadership development capabilities are a few that we provide as examples or where organizations are putting in effort.

How do we build such capabilities to last?

That’s a question that has a library-wing of books dedicated to it.

But here is a short recipe:

<pre-step=since most of the actions below are initiated and taken by Leadership teams, it is essential that they are a invested and established team – and not just a group of senior leaders meeting every fortnight>

  1. Have short term and long term goals that everyone understands and are reasonably aligned to (and also are hopefully aligned to the mission/vision)
  2. Analyze/discuss them enough to identify a missing capability (I.e. because of that missing capability you may miss the goals)
  3. Align (as a leadership team) on what that capability means to different parts(and goals) of the organization. Verify its relevance to achieving your goals/mission/vision a. Confirm that the capability does not run afoul the organization culture
  4. Identify
    • groups of projects you can apply this capability on:
    • Small Visible and Doable projects
    • Medium complicated projects d. Complex projects
  5. Establish
    • A leader to steer the growth of this capability
    • A team that you invest into to adopt the capability and secure the projects
    • Clear goals / milestones for the projects-portfolio with highly transparent governance
    • A communication plan to share with the Org what we are trying to do.
  6. Co-opt the Org into this journey
    • Bring the organization into the journey by skilling -up teams and functions.
    • Support middle managers in building competence and expertise through meaningful learning experiences
    • Help employees across organizational lines to deliver value from the capability
    • Help leaders learn/demonstrate the capabilities well

Get rolling!