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Establishing a shared understanding of what change management is and how it contributes to project succcess can help align project team members and ultimately drive project success. This eLearning module introduces the foundational tenets of change management, which is a discipline for managing the people side of change. Participants will learn about the importance of change management as they apply these tenets to a real project.
Creating a common language for change is one of the most powerful attributes of a change capable organization. The Introduction to ADKAR eLearning module empowers employees to understand their own change process and achieve better outcomes using the Prosci® ADKAR® Model. Participants apply the ADKAR model to a change they face, resulting in actionable insights and a common language for change.
Managers play a key role in driving organizational change by being effective change leaders. The introduction to Leading Change eLearning module gives managers a framework to use when adapting to change themselves and introduces the five research-based roles they need to fulfill to successfully lead change with their employees.
Frontline employees experience change in their own individual ways, and how they transition through change depends on their sense of ownership for the change. The Thriving Through Change eLearning module will help people prepare themselves for change, providing action steps that can be followed to move through change successfully.

    Who is this elearning module for?

    This module is designed for employees, leaders, project managers, project team members, and anyone who needs to understand the “why” and “what” of change management. Because this module presents the five foundational tenets of change management, practitioners can use this model to introduce change management to anyone— regardless of their prior change management knowledge—and drive clarity and alignment.
    This module is for anyone being impacted by change. It provides a framework for individual change that is focused on identifying the root cause of change obstacles and accelerating the change process.
    Through this interactive virtual learning experience, participants will gain an understanding of change as a process and will walk away with a new lens for viewing change: ADKAR. Learners will be able to use this new perspective to influence change in themselves and others. As a result, they can feel confident implementing this change process in their personal and professional lives rather than feeling anxious in the face of change.
    ADKAR is an acronym that represents the five outcomes an individual must achieve for change to be successful: awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, and reinforcement.
    This module is designed for any manager who leads other people. Through this virtual learning module, participants will understand that they are a critical enabler of organizational change and the importance of preparing themselves for change before leading change. Participants will reflect on the changes happening within their organization and will learn how to view these changes through the lens of the Prosci ADKAR® Model. Participants will then learn the five research-based roles of a manager during change and how fulfilling these roles will to help their employees progress through the ADKAR Model. Throughout the module, participants will follow the example story of Anne, a Client Services Manager at Finesta Financial, to see these five roles in action before reflecting on their own change.
    The five roles participants will learn about are:
    Communicator, Liaison, Advocate, Resistance Manager, and Coach
    This module is designed for any front-line employee facing change in an organization. Through this virtual learning module, participants will learn that they have the power to be proactive in their change experience. Participants will reflect on the changes happening in their organizations. They will explore their emotional reactions to change and plan for how to manage their feelings. Using the Prosci ADKAR® Model, participants will evaluate a current change and learn specific actions they can take to increase their acceptance of a change. Participants will also hear about David and Jorge, two example characters who approach a change in very different ways, to guide their own actions.

    Program Agenda

    The following sections are covered in this module: 
    • Awareness
    • Desire
    • Knowledge
    • Ability
    • Reinforcement
    • Understanding Changes Underway
    • Adapting to Change That Is Happening to You
    • Communicator
    • Liason
    • Advocate
    • Resistance Manager
    • Coach
    • Using ADKAR to identify change challanges
    • Desire


    During this module, participants will:
    • Articulate the interally and externally driven
      reasons for a specific change
    • Identify which groups will be impacted by a specific change and how
    • Evaluate their project’s current health in the categories of change management, project management, and leadership/sponsorship
    • Understand how change management contributes to overall benefit realization and why it is important to their organization
    During this forty-five minute eLearning module, learners will
    • Understand why some changes are easy to commit to and yield the results they want, while others are not as easy or successful
    • Learn a new way to look at change that helps them take action and be more successful when facing the uncertainty of change 
    • Pinpoint where they are in a change process, understand why they may be stuck, and identify actionable steps to move forward
    • Apply this new, structured way of viewing change to help them be more effective in their life and work
    • Learn a new language for change that can be used to discuss ongoing changes with their colleagues
    During this forty-five minute virtual module, participants will:
    • Understand that they have a significant impact on the success of change in their organization
    • Learn how to overcome their own barriers to change and how to help their employees overcome their barriers
    • Develop techniques they can use to fulfill the five specific roles of an effective change leader
    • Prepare to have a change conversation with an employee
    • Reflect on how to prepare themselves to adapt to and lead a current change
    During this module, participants will:
    • Understand that change is a process, and organizational change depends on each person making a transition 
    • Identify the normal emotional reactions to change and how they influence a person’s experience with change
    • Pinpoint where they are in a current change process and understand what could hold them back from being successful
    • Plan actionable steps to engage in a current change and begin to take control of their experience


    Participants will select a specific project they are currently involved in and reflect on this change throughout the module. After each section, participants will apply what they have learned to their project. They will also assess the health of their project using the Prosci PCT™ Assessment. At the end of the module, participants will receive a downloadable report of their responses, including their PCT Assessment results, to reference after completing the module.
    Participants will build a foundational understanding of ADKAR by applying the model throughout the module to a change they are currently experiencing. Learners will be guided to identify their own barrier point and ways to overcome their challenges in change. The module concludes with a downloadable output of the learner’s ADKAR profile which can be immediately acted upon.
    Participants will select a specific change happening in their workplace and reflect on this change throughout the module. Participants will use their own ADKAR profile to plan how to prepare themselves for their selected change. They will then prepare to fulfill the five roles of a manager during this change by reflecting on questions related to each role.
    The module concludes with a downloadable output of the participant’s responses that they can reference as they begin leading change with their team.
    Participants will select a specific change happening in their workplace and reflect on this change throughout the module. Participants will use their own emotional reflection and ADKAR profile to plan how to prepare themselves for their selected change. They will then learn specific tactics to help raise their ADKAR levels to be successful with change.
    The module concludes with a downloadable output of the participant’s responses that they can reference throughout their current change and any future changes.

    Sudeshna Roy Basu

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Industry Experience: Held positions in Strategic Finance and Business Finance (F&A) at Intel, Bangalore, and Glaxo SmithKline, Gurgaon; Chartered Accountant from Kolkata Spearheaded the formation and set up of Marg as a training and consulting organization since 2007. Marg team delivers training and consulting in the areas of soft skills, Finance, and MS Office across all levels of management. Her present responsibilities in Marg include formulating and implementing strategic goals and objectives, Marketing, Business Development, Finance, and HR. Currently, Marg Business Transformation is the authorized affiliate of Prosci Inc (world leaders in Change Management) in the Indian subcontinent. Marg provides change management certification, enterprise training, and advisory services in the field of change management. Emergenetics and Human Synergistics are also couples of global offerings which have been added to the portfolio. Under severe competition, cost challenges, economic scenarios, and pandemics she has enabled Marg to get a niche share in the training market in India ably managing a team of highly professional and experienced trainers and a fast-paced business development team. She is also responsible for future market expansion and getting Marg to the trajectory of growth. Her experience in business finance (management accounting ) roles (at Intel and Glaxo SmithKline) was mainly around annual planning of business, product and promotion strategies, ownership of the brand and product PnL, product launches, pricing, leading short-term and long-term revenue/margin analysis by product/brands/customers, establishing controls frame for sales and marketing groups, transitioning finance roles from other geographies to India, driving decisions of greenfield sites which formed the basis of taking up the challenge to start up an organization.

    Jemimma Flora

    Head Operations

    Hey 👋 I am Flora, Head - of Operations at Marg. Marg found me 6 years ago and the journey still continues to engage and bring the best out of me. I resonate and connect with the Marg values of Integrity, building a fun workplace, and enabling a great learner experience. Leaders at Marg believe and strive to make our workplace engaging, a culture of continuous learning, and enabling everyone to be great leaders at work. I am a big foodie, an avid traveler, and love spending time with loved ones over a good meal or some intense board games. I am passionate about the people I work with and constantly finding ways to tap into their strengths and work on opportunities - enabling holistic people development and a great workplace.

    Bharathi R

    Training Enablement Manager

    Hello 👋🏼, I am Bharathi, Training Enablement Manager at Marg. After having spent 10+ years in various departments across the Banking industry, I am now part of the operations team. What I enjoy the most in Marg is that we strive to do better each day. We capitalize on our team’s strength and put the experience of our clients at the forefront. 

    When am not working, you will find me spending time with my close ones either traveling or watching a movie. I am a yoga freak and do my best to volunteer for various causes whenever I get an opportunity.

    Usha Salian

    Business Development Manager

    Usha comes from a background of business development, sales, and strategic management over 10+ years. Starting out her career in the insurance space, Usha progressed towards business development in the B2B events space and has handled projects across India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Kenya, South Africa, and the APAC region.

    With us for over a year, she now aims to make an impact in the corporate development space, changing the way organizations function through handling our flagship Prosci Change Management. In her own words, she says “Working with Marg has been a fantastic and pleasant experience, were

    management doesn’t hesitate to trust you with bigger responsibilities and encourages you to grow always.”  

    Leading by example, Usha has remained at the top of most performance indicators within every organization she has worked, from sales generated to metrics of effort such as highest outreach, call

    time, or quickest conversions. She is an ardent believer in work-life balance and has showcased equal

    attention to other areas of her life, such as fitness, holistic living, and maintaining a positive lifestyle.

    The quote, “Hard work beats talent” doesn’t mean a lack of talent in her case, but attributes to her quality of being relentless, when given a task to perform, or target to achieve. Hence if it’s one quality, among many that shine from her, it’s simply her undying work ethic. In her spare time, she engages in Drama and Theatre

    K Krishnamurthy [Krish]

    Head MARG Consulting

    With over 25 years of experience in the industry (Operations, Private Equity, Consulting, and Corporate finance), Krish leads Consulting at Marg.

    His focus on Change management has helped many clients develop Change Capability, deliver complex projects, as well as support leadership development in that area. He holds an Experienced Practitioner qualification from Prosci and is also a Prosci Advanced Instructor. He is also a Certified Change Management Professional™, a sought-after Change Management credential, issued by ACMP.

    Krish is also an Accredited Practitioner of Emergenetics – a research-based profiling instrument that addresses thinking and behavior styles. His experience in application of this tool is in supporting Leadership [individuals as well as teams] in self-awareness and subsequent coaching.

    Lastly, with Marg developing solutions for organizations to address Culture, Krish is an Accredited Practitioner of Human Synergistics assessments that help develop and deliver changes to Organizational Culture, Effectiveness, as well as Leadership behaviors and impact.

    He leverages his leadership experience across Indian and global organizations to help deliver results in these areas. His industry experience (has headed Business Lines, as well as Operations, Finance, and HR) has helped him in devising 'Practical' solutions suited to companies of various industries. His prime areas of expertise include Change Management, Culture Change, and Leaders/Leadership Teams Development (Senior Management).