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Project / Program Managers

Grow your change capabilities at the individual and enterprise levels with unlimited access to Prosci’s world-class tools, methodologies and training materials.

Practitioner Certification

  1. The certification program specifically addresses how to engage with employees to increase adoption and usage.
  2. The focus is on impacting the ROI of the project in partnership with project management roles. This approach brings benefit realization to the forefront. It takes project heads through decisions on integrating the Change Management work-stream, the scale of Change Management effort, tracking and evaluating Change Management progress through the project life cycle.

Delivering Project Results

  1. Prosci’s Delivering Project Results workshop uses your active projects to help project managers and change practitioners find a common language for successfully integrating change.
  2. This result-oriented workshop digs into the intent, objectives, scope, workstreams, milestones, deliverables, and timelines of your project to help project managers and teams engage with Change Management roles and leverage the outcomes that Change Management roles drive.

Agile Integration

  1. Agile and Change Management have emerged as important strategies for improving change outcomes. Integrating Change Management and Agile can improve the adoption and usage of iteratively designed solutions.
  2. Change Management specifically addresses the challenges of not addressing the movement to the Agile mindset while also addressing the change within project teams as they adapt to Agile practices. Finally, consistent with Prosci’s methodology, the approach is to integrate Change Management with Agile.
  3. With Agile integration you can address the adoption and integration challenges of Agile in your organization/projects.

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