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Virtual Meeting of the Minds


As companies increasingly turn to remote work and employees collaborate with dispersed teams, it is even more essential that leaders, managers, team members and individual contributors receive the tools they need to strengthen communication, productivity and engagement. The Virtual Meeting of the Minds offers a blended learning experience that reveals individual and collective strengths, provides practical ways for employees to learn to work together and supports strong workplace cultures – with or without a traditional office space.

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    Workshop Results

    Enhance their self-awareness with insights into their strengths
    Understand how their preferences impact work relationships and styles
    Recognize and appreciate the gifts of others
    Strengthen communication and collaboration
    Improve outcomes using the power of cognitive diversity

    Who should attend a Virtual Meeting of the Minds?

    To maximize learning, the program is designed for 10 – 30 participants who work remotely or on dispersed teams. The Virtual Meeting of the Minds engages leaders, managers and individual contributors as well as intact teams and broader employee groups who are interested in:

    What’s the agenda?

    The program’s blended content is simple to understand, immediately applicable and engaging. Before their session, participants review a brief, dynamic eLearning course to gain a foundational understanding of Emergenetics and access their personal Profile and Narrative Report.

    Participant Resources