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Transformation / Change Management Team

Grow your change capabilities at the individual and enterprise levels with unlimited access to Prosci’s world-class tools, methodologies and training materials.

Practitioner Certification

  1. The certification program specifically addresses how to engage with employees to increase adoption and usage.
  2. This certification in Change Management improves our ability to ascertain the risk of our projects not succeeding in “landing” the change, nature, and degree of leadership support the change-project needs, the nature of plans that will drive success.
  3. Sections such as the coaching plan also address the nature of support provided to and expected from managers to land the change.

Taking Charge of Change

Many teams in the extended HR function (HRBPs, HR Ops, L&D, OD, learning ambassadors, change agent teams) work continuously with businesses to help them succeed in the change. 

However, they do not always have the context or approach to identify challenges or counsel business leaders on the next steps.

  1. Prosci brings you the Taking Control of Change program that provides participants with a strong individual change model, understanding of the change process, nature of effort involved in delivering change, all of which help them engage with central change teams better.
  2. This one-day program gives them a vocabulary to bring organizational attention to the change challenges as well as the thought process to resolve some of the dissonances.
  3. Empower the business-facing teams to deal with change challenges

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