In these challenging times, we at Marg believe Learning should not be paused. Introducing Virtual Instructor-Led Training Sessions for Bite-Sized Learning (Learn small but learn well) to enhance work efficiency.

FUTURE-OF-WORK: remote working and management is relevant now more than ever. This is here to stay . Understanding the needs of the hour as well as future , we are offering our leadership training in virtual mode “live” with an instructor to make it most effective with all relevant topics which will help you take your organization to the next level.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Preferred Batch size ~10-12

Program Schedule

Upskill and Succeed
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  • Enhance Your Efficiency With Advanced Excel
  • Create Impact With Virtual Presentations
  • Manage Effectively in the New Normal

Duration 6 Hrs

We take our enquiries seriously. Please state your goals/ challenges or the reason to contact in one sentence.


* How to “work from home” effectively
* How to Manage better remotely For: People Managers
* Make your conference calls effective (talking remotely with slides)
* Uncertainty – how to stay focused
* Difficult Conversations when working remotely.For: Teams
* Planning work and collaborating effectively.For: Teams
* Emergenetics – Know your profiles (Four thinking & Three behavior preferences) For: Teams


* Excel Basics (specific modules)
* Effective usage of macros
* Powerpoint tips to make your presentation slides effective
* Active Listening
* Tips on making email writing impactful
* Best means for a high impact presentation
* Effective Telephone Communication
* English Language Enhancement (selected modules)
* Conducting meetings effectively
* Conducting reviews effectively
* Tips on managing pressure
* Manage time effectively
* Delegation – learn the art & science
* Motivate teams in changing times
* Set SMART Goals
* Principles of Influencing
* Understanding conflict situations

Why virtual training?

* Participants: Virtual Guided learning makes learning social and remote – an interesting Hybrid!
* Leaders/Organisation: Engagement with Team in remote context increases
* Business: Address Business challenges and problem-solve with remote workforce vs email-based solutions or regular meetings

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Why virtual training with Marg?

* Conduct Live Instructor Led Session unlike recorded sessions
* Customized based on Industry,Company, Target Audience
* Platforms used are easy to adopt and interesting with lot of features
* Interactive session (Polls, Breakout Rooms) which makes you feel like in class (In Person Session)
* Leader in Training in India with ExperiencedTrainers and Subject Matter Specialists
* Strong understanding of Training in Virtual Space
* 12 years+ experience, 250+ Corporates, 1,50,000+ professionals trained

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Learning to be continued/ why not to stop learning?

* Participants: Learning provides psychological safety and sense of preparedness during uncertain times
* Leaders/Organisation: Participants feel connected to Org and Team – as they see the investment into them
* Business: Building readiness
* Travel and Logistics are not a concern (Long Distance Interactive Learning enables you to participate from anywhere)
* No geographical Barrier . Hence, can bring the dispersed teams in one place for learning

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