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Empowering you and your team with the capabilities to succeed at change and achieve your desired business outcomes.

Partnering for Change Success

Today’s organizations often struggle to gain the desired returns on change projects or to make important changes happen at all. But change is how businesses get better at what they do. Prosci can help you get the most from the changes you’re investing in. We can:
Blending the art and science of change, our Prosci Advisory Solutions team uses research-based, industry-leading strategies and tools to develop and deliver customized solutions that help you succeed at change. We also provide you a level of change expertise unrivaled in the industry.

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    Advisory Solutions Offerings

    Prosci Advisory Solutions support individuals, project teams and organizations by helping you build enterprise change capability where you need it the most.

    Change Management for Individuals

    Enables individual success by supporting each person through their individual change journey.

    Change Management for Organizational Projects and Initiatives

    Increases outcomes and return on investment (ROI) by equipping impacted individuals to adopt the change.

    Enterprise Change Management

    Delivers strategic intent, mitigates change saturation, and improves agility by embedding change management into the fabric of the organization.

    Change Management for Individuals

    The individuals enabling and guiding change in your organization have a direct impact on levels of change adoption. Prosci’s Change Management for Individuals equips your change practitioners with the skills to create an effective change management strategy and plans. Prosci advisors also coach your project managers, people managers, sponsors and business leads to effectively support your projects and guide their teams through change. During the engagement, we assess the abilities of those in change-enabling roles, provide individual coaching, and maximize their development and impact.

    Change Management for Organizational Projects and Initiatives

    Are you seeing the level of adoption desired on your must-win projects? Prosci’s Change Management for Organizational Projects and Initiatives helps you get your crucial, high-value project across the finish line and achieve project ROI. Whether you’re at project initiation, in the design and develop phase, or actively managing change, Prosci advisors collaborate with your project team, business leads and sponsors to help your project succeed. During the engagement, we work with your team to enhance change capabilities across all roles.

    Enterprise Change Management

    With Prosci’s Enterprise Change Management, we help you develop and enterprise change management strategy so you can better implement changes important to your organization. During the engagement, we work with your change leaders and practitioners to enhance change capabilities across roles – from change practitioners and sponsors to CMO directors and business leads. By helping you embed change competencies into the fabric of your organization, we equip you to deploy change management consistently and effectively so that employees and leaders thrive during times of change.

    Unparalleled Expertise

    The Prosci Advisory Solutions team isn’t like other industry consultants. Because change is all we do. Our team brings the experience and expertise necessary to help you achieve your unique change goals. Our highly qualified team features:
    We help ensure change success by delivering the right solution at the right time, empowering you with the capabilities to increase adoption and achieve the desired business outcomes.