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Become a Certified Emergenetics® Associate

Our two-day Emergenetics® Certification Training programme is a blended learning experience, which includes a series of eLearning courses as well as four live facilitated sessions led by an Emergenetics Master Associate.
In our training, you will gain the knowledge and skills you need to :
  • Decode Emergenetics® Profiles to reveal individual Thinking and Behavioural preferences.
  • Facilitate Engaging Workshop – Team Dynamics for Small Groups and the Meeting of the Minds
  • Facilitate Engaging Workshops – “Team Dynamics for Small Groups” and the “Meeting of the Minds”.
  • Address team and group dynamics through the lens of Emergenetics.
  • Build cognitively diverse teams.
  • Explain the science and validity of Emergenetics.

Virtual Session: May 23 -24, 2024

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    *Note: Marg shall reserve the right for cancelling or shifting the workshops virtually. The participants will be notified about any such changes accordingly.

    Who Should Attend

    The Emergenetics® Certification program is ideal for individuals seeking to unlock the power of this assessment within various professional settings. Here’s who can benefit most:

    Benefits of Becoming a Certified Emergenetics® Associate

    P.S. Gain ICF and HRCI Continuing Education Credits through our program!

    What is Emergenetics® Profile Assessment?

    Emergenetics® isn’t just another personality test. It’s a powerful tool that dives deep into the unique blend of thinking styles and behavioral traits that define everyone. Whether you’re an employee seeking personal growth or a leader aiming to build a dream team, Emergenetics® offers valuable insights to realize your full potential.

    Here’s what sets Emergenetics® apart:

    • Reliable Psychometrics
    • Applicable to Different Facets of Life
    • Brain-Based Approach
    • Two-in-one Assessment
    • Global Data
    • Accurate and Valid
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