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Overview of AI, ML, ChatGPT
& Blockchain in
Modern Auditing

Finance Excellence Unleashed:
The Workshops That Integrates Technology

Workshop Schedule

  • One Day Workshop:
  • Topic: Overview of AI, ML, ChatGPT & Blockchain in Modern Auditing
  • Crafted For: Head Internal Audit & Chief Financial Officer
  • Dates: 17th Jan 2024
  • Location

    Who is this course for?

    These workshops are open to professionals with a background in finance, audit, and risk management who are eager to stay at the forefront of technology and strategies in their field.

    Learning Outcomes

    Program Agenda

    One Day Workshop

    Client Testimonials

    I found a very balanced methodology of Adult training who usually have challenge with unlearning and less attention span. It has helped me gain the confidence as a very New Change Practitioner as I have always doubted my capabilities as I am very self critical at work.

    Aradhana Basu Mojumdar
    Human Resources Program Manager


    It was amazingly coordinated and executed. No suggestions at the moment. The experience has been amazing, and the practical aspects of learning have been leveraged well.

    Tuhina Roy David
    Senior Business Transformation Consultant


    Communication with the Marg team was quite easy and seamless. Instructor was extremely professional and thorough in the way the training was delivered. Great experience all the way through!

    Kavita Mohta
    Deputy General Manager

    CBRE India

    Derived tremendous value from this program, am able to take back some key learnings that I can apply at my workplace.

    Padma Neela Jillella
    Head of HR Transformations

    Bosch Global Software Technologies

    Excellent trainer and Organizers. Training methods and organizing the sequence were remarkable.

    Senior Manager - production and equipment


    Had great experiential learning session for 3 days. Today I am walking out with confidence of implementing it in the largest project for my organization.

    Amrita Chatterjee
    Sr. HRBP Global Engineering


    Krish is highly experienced trainer, and really appreciate his knowledge, training and expertise to apply change.

    Komita Singh
    Global Change Lead


    Prashanth was extremely proactive in making sure all doubts were cleared. His class in real-life would have been a total blast I can imagine.

    Moosa Mahsoom
    Senior Engineer

    Western Digital

    They kept the engagement level high and made sure that the participants enjoy each activity assigned during the training program.

    Jimmy Jose
    Sr. Director Of Operations & Client Solutions

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