Who are we?

Marg was established more than a decade ago to support organizations in their development journey.
For us that meant, providing support to them in making business plans, financial plans, acquiring funds, and building top management competency through coaching.

As we worked closely with organizations, the need for training became apparent as did our mission to help our partners (in L&D teams and in HR) achieve success (we would help them navigate a path through the options).

Who are we now?

It is now twelve years later. We are a pan-India organisation with very committed, passionate, and knowledgeable trainers and coaches offering courses across Leadership Development, Soft Skills in the Organization, Office Productivity Suites, and even Technical training.

We also have a strong Change Management discipline and provide Prosci Training and Advisory Services in the Indian Sub-continent.

Emergenetics is our preferred tool to build strong and effective teams right from the top of the organization and we help our clients adopt GTD®. We see ourselves being a Training and Transformation Organisation.

How do we engage with you?

Our roots would be visible inner engagement with you. Our team engages with you not just on the symptom, or the particular trigger that led to a query or a discussion. We discuss the business context of your organization, the pain points, success and challenges. We help to articulate a vision for the intervention and we work closely with you every step of the way – including post-intervention – to ensure you got what you wanted (and what you needed).

What drives success in the above?

  • Good conversations with both of us sharing all that we see as being critical for the solution.
  • Utmost good faith on both sides as we bring to the table our knowledge and experience and you share your context and purpose.
  • Intent to build a relation on both sides (and not a transactional focus)
  • Clear articulation of success [including scoping-in and scoping-out elements of the solution]

What kind of work have we done with the Marg approach?

  • Helped organizations recognize the L&D team as a key solution provider (by helping them form business-acumen, as well as building extended solutions for them to take to business)
  • Helped organizations manage sensitive change (this we have accomplished across large and small, local and global, organizations)
  • Built capability within the organization to learn and develop using systems thinking to embed learning tops-down across the competencies listed above.

Who do we work with in our engagement and why should you care?

L&D Teams – C-Suites – Middle Managers across functions – Location Heads – Competency Heads – Function Heads – Parent organisation of GICs.

Organizations identify the need to build a capability, develop or build a sustainable learning culture from many places within themselves. Our experience tells us that involving different voices in the conversations helps the organizations blueprint to success get more adoption.

So? Contact us. Lets have a chat and see where we can go from there.