Its that time of the year when promotions and appraisals are to be declared. You are all excited and nervous too wondering what will be in store for you. You are waiting with fingers crossed, prayers doing rounds in your mind, only to find out that you haven at got the promotion you have been waiting for! Obviously, it as very disheartening and intimidating. And then, you start wondering what led to this unfavourable decision from your boss. There could be many reasons why your boss decided to go the other way. Would you like to know the reasons to see if you fit into any of the situations? Then read further.

Lack of knowledge

One common problem that is seen within employees is that they think the decision of their promotion will be based on the performance of their current role. Obviously, this is one factor that will be considered, but not the sole factor. Having great success in one area and not much in another will now work for your boss. You need certain knowledge and skills in diverse areas prevalent in your organization. So, when you are looking for a promotion, make sure you look at the requirements the needed post calls for, and determine whether you have those skills. Work towards improving them to a great extent such that your boss recognizes your strength in that particular field and is forced to consider promoting you to that post.

Lack of soft skills

Okay, so you have gained all the knowledge and technicalities required for the post, but what about the soft skills? Remember that everything is not about technicality. If you have to move up in the management, you need to master certain soft skills too like leadership, teamwork, strategic thinking, problem solving abilities and good communication skills. Develop these soft skills that are basic to every high degree of management, and highlight them through your involvement in important programs to signal your boss that you are well prepared.
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Lack of professionalism

Knowing how to stay teamed up with your co-workers is very important. You need to have a good reputation with them, while also taking care to maintain good amount of distance in terms of maintaining confidentiality. The first rule is to get rid of gossiping about anything related to your organization or its people. Secondly, you must know how to behave professionally so that you can gain positive attention of the management and stay in their good books.

Taking feedback negatively

When your boss or seniors give you a feedback of what you must not do or what you did wrong, donat take it as criticism or try to defend yourself. They might only be saying so to improve your performance. So, when you receive feedback, take it in quietly and later when you are alone, try to think about all the valid points and work on them. Learn from what you did wrong and improve your performance.

Inefficiency of taking initiative

You are good enough of noticing problems in any area of the organization and bringing them to the notice of the management. This serves as a good point in proving to the management that you are concerned about the wellbeing of your company. But, this is not going to work every time. Instead of only informing about the problems, you must also take initiative to solve the problems on your own a whatever is within your limits. Develop solutions and create positive change to be identified as a leader.

See if you fall into any of these situations and take steps to improve yourself immediately. Remember that it no longer matters how long you have been working in your organization a six months of six years. What matters is your contribution towards the betterment of the company. So, prove yourself to be a leader and take away the promotion easily! You can get in touch with MARG to provide you not only the best corporate soft skills training in Bangalore, but to guide you with every small aspect you would need to impress your bosses and have them considering your promotion.