Crafting a sales strategy, handling objections, selling value, analyzing competition and finally making a sale a this is what the job of a sales representative is all about. These are the very basic fundamental job elements for every sales representative and are very critical for sales success. But, performing these actions skillfully is a tough job that requires lots of practice. Practice comes not only in the form of technical qualities but is also concerned with non-technical soft skills that add value to a sale and help to create a bond that technical knowledge alone cannot build. Apart from classroom teaching, there is always an option of e-learning that provides ultimate soft skills training. But, before we get into the e-learning process, we must first understand about the basic soft skills that every sales representative must possess.

Which soft skills are needed for sales success?

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  • Communication a The most important quality of a sales person should be that he must be able to communicate with his customers so powerfully that he compels the customers to engage with him. Encouraging people to listen to what he has to say is the first most critical step that makes the steps that follow easier to accomplish.
  • Positivity a Obviously, until and unless the sales person is positive about the product, service and his potential for making a sale, nothing can turn out to be positive. Thus, sales persons need to learn how to leverage praise from people for what they are doing. Also, if they face criticism and bad news, they must be calm and poised. They need to be very positive while dealing with customers, only then can they achieve success.
  • Confidence a Just like positivity is important, even confidence is equally important. Only if one is confident can he build credibility, which in turn will lead to success.
  • Flexibility a Flexibility is another important aspect of a sales person as job profile. He needs to be flexible in every way. Firstly, he needs to be open to different schedules as required. Secondly, he definitely wonat be facing the same situation everywhere and every time. Thus, he needs to be able to adapt to different kinds of situations almost instantly. Also, sales persons today are required to play different roles at different times during the sales procedure, thus flexibility is required here too.

How can e-learning influence soft skills training for sales representatives?

  • Interactive scenarios a As you learnt, communication is the first and foremost aspect a sales representative must possess. So, in order to learn about conversations and interactions, scenarios and decision-making processes must be used. Decision-making scenarios help sales people evaluate what could be done next. This can be done by creating a scenario between the sales representative and a customer, where the sales person makes a decision after listening to the customeras query that ultimately closes the deal. These scenarios will help in real life situations that sales people can face in the future.
  • Games a You would wonder how games can impart the required soft skills to sales representatives. They do so by providing an environment that requires them to develop strategic thinking, negotiation and decision-making skills. A game can be created where those opting for a sales representative position are required to cross-sell in a virtual environment, where the one with the most cross-selling products ultimately becomes the sales representative. These games help in bringing about a sense of achievement and accomplishment of a task.

Remember that apart from e-learning, a classroom training program is also equally important. This blended approach will help trainers know where, when and how to individually train employees, which in turn helps to increase productivity levels. For such classroom training, you can approach MARG who offers the best soft skills training in Bangalore to employees at all levels in an organization a may it be directors, heads of departments, vice presidents and senior managers too!