a Shaping your culture is more than half done when you hire your team.

Company culture is the product of a companyas values, expectations and environment.

There as no magic formula for great company culture. The key is just to treat your staff how you would like to be treated.

Corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that is completely within the control of the entrepreneur.

These are the words of some great founders, co-founders and managers of top enterprises. All the above statements confirm one common point that company culture is of great importance for the success of the business. While some entrepreneurs say that hiring the right team is highly responsible for shaping the culture of the workplace, others say that the company culture affects the performance of the employees, and the enterprise on the whole. Whatever it is, the truth is that the staff and company culture are correlated, which is why the company culture should be guarded and maintained at any cost. However, you must also know that there are some traits that can actually a killaeven the best company culture. So, watch out for these basic culture-killers and keep them far away from your organization!


However vigorous and active your team may be, there are times when they seem to be lazy a it as a part of human nature. However, once in a while is alright, but if this seems to be becoming a routine, your workplace is in danger. The main reason for laziness is when the tasks assigned are boring or when the team members are not interested in their duties. This is when passion and commitment levels go down. And remember that this feeling can become contagious. Even a single lethargic individual can affect the working of others around him. Slowly and gradually, when multiple team members show laziness, negative attitudes come about, which in turn damages the entire working culture.

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The success of any business lies on the working of the entire team together. It is important that the team members are all motivated and enthusiastic. When the entire team works collaboratively together, positive results are achieved. In the midst of the positive working of the organization, when there is a spark of negativity, the spark starts igniting little by little, resulting into fire. When people start getting negative about their work or task like We wonat be able to achieve the targeta  or a This is not what we are meant to doa or a This wonat practically happena or anything else, other people can get influenced. Even those who are trying to put in their best efforts break down when they see others on the team giving up. Suddenly, all the enthusiasm and confidence starts changing into fear and discouragement. This results in even the best team members exhibiting their worst.


Being selfish is another common element of human nature. Everyone will want to think about themselves first, and then about others in the organization, or about the business itself. Everyone thinks highly of himself and becomes judgmental about the others. Gradually, judgments are made about more and more people, and then about the seniors, the bosses, and then the entire organization. All this will have the negative people reacting negatively towards the company and damaging the entire working of the organization.


We all know what gossiping is about. In contrast to what was believed earlier that gossiping is a womanas quality, today even men are equally seen gossiping. So, even if you have an all-men enterprise, you need to be cautious about this too! Gossiping is a subtle yet dangerous culture-killer because it involves people talking behind other people as backs. Whether the talk is true or not, it definitely spoils the reputation of people. The talk gradually spreads around, and people start taking sides. Once sides are taken, the team is unconsciously splitting on the inside. And when people start splitting into groups, it affects the entire working of the organization, leading to irreversible damage.

These are only four basic culture killers that can be seen in any organization. The list is endless with many other elements like egoism, lack of team spirit, lack of cooperation, bureaucracy, lack of transparency, no job security, etc. Whatever the reasons may be, it can all be majorly grouped under the lack of culture leadership. We all know that prevention is better than cure. Same goes here. The best therapy for culture-killing is prevention, which starts basically with leadership. It is in the hands of the leader to make or break a team, and the organization as a whole. This is why you must have the most responsible and reliable leaders working for your organization. Also, you must keep your leaders on the right track at all times by providing them with professional and expert leadership training in Bangalore from time to time, to keep them updated with the best ways of leading and directing their team.