A team is a group of people who may not necessarily be equal in qualifications, experience and talent but, they should be equal in commitment to achieve the goals and success of their organization. They must have the common purpose, objective and goal as the company. If they lack having such beliefs, they must be instilled with these feelings for the company, and this can be brought about by strengthening relationships between team members. MARG is one reputed name in the industry that can provide the finest team building training in Bangalore through various training modules. However, there are certain topics that need to be considered in team building that are mentioned below.

Goal sharing

As mentioned above, it is very important for team members to have a common goal for the betterment of the organization. For this, it is vital that there is clear communication between each one of the team in order to work together towards achieving the goal. An effective team goal is measureable, achievable, timely and relevant to the larger mission of the organization. A team goal describes a specific outcome that is required out of the team.


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For a team to function smoothly, effective interpersonal communication is required. Practicing feedback skills of giving and receiving feedback, practicing for grasping of verbal messages, and active listening exercises are all important to help a team develop an effective communication network. Everyone should be compelled to participate in a team equally, instead of one or two dominant members all the time.


Interdependence in a workplace is when employees interact and relate with one another, learning from every other person as contribution to the team so that a better goal is achieved. It is the idea where two individuals need each other to complete their own tasks. Without interdependence, there would be an imbalance created due to lack of utilizing one as skills sets appropriately, thus the workers would not be able to accomplish the goals of an organization as successfully. Interdependence comes through cooperation between leaders and employees within an organization, thus it comes only through team work.


Cohesiveness is the extent to which team members stay united to accomplish the goal of their organization. This is where team members possess bonds linking them to one another and to the group as a whole. The belief that every team member has that makes them to contribute to the group to work as a functioning working unit develops over time out of interpersonal and group-level interactions and co-operation. Cohesiveness brings about a friendly team environment, increased team member communication, loyalty and trust.

Apart from all these above mentioned points that are to be involved in a team building process, there are many other common problems that are faced, which should be fought over. These include hesitation, reluctance, deterrence, arrogance, dominance, disputes, and haste to achieve goals. MARG has a great expertise in dealing with all of these issues, which makes it successful in offering the best team building experience. Sign up with MARG for a fruitful and successful team building.