There is a huge majority of people who are scared of facing an audience. When asked to speak about something in front of an audience, they get terrified. Even if they are notified days or weeks in advance that they are to speak about something in front of a group of people, they cannot overcome their fear of public speaking. Such people get intensely anxious and have panic attacks. In fact, if they are notified about their public speaking event in advance, they spend sleepless nights as the event draws nearer.

If you belong to this segment of people, you definitely want to know how you can overcome your fear and become a virtuous speaker. So, is there really a way out? Well, if you come to MARG, the leader in presentation skills training in Bangalore, you can definitely overcome your public speaking fear as well as improve on all your presentation skills. Here are a few things that may also help you get over with this kind of anxiety.

Only you know your speech

Who knows what you are supposed to say, the series of words you are supposed to speak, the sequence you are supposed to talk about? It is nobody but only you! So, why worry about the exact frame of words and sentences? Obviously, it is better to stick to what you had planned to speak, but even if you forget about something on stage, or make a mess of the order of things you are speaking about, there is nothing to worry about as long as what you say makes sense. So, instead of stammering or hesitating, just calm down and speak about all that you know and remember about your topic, and you are just going to be fine.

Your audience is only a group of humans

Whether your audience is a group of 10, 100 or 1000, remember that they are only a group of individuals like you. There may be certain seniors, employers and clients, but there might be many who also have the same public speaking fear as you. And about the seniors, they are no superhumans. They will probably understand if you go wrong somewhere because making mistakes is only human.

Ita��s OK not to be perfect

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If nothing else helps, this thought will definitely help you calm down and relax. Even a ranker in class can go down by grades. Even the greatest batsman can get out on a zero. When such accurate people can make mistakes occasionally, it as absolutely OK if you arenat perfect. Relax and just go with the flow. Even if you make mistakes or forget midway, just apologize and continue.

Remember that it isn’t a matter of life and death; it is only a speech you have to deliver. So, be calm and keep your cool. Get plenty of rest the night before your speech, have a good meal, dress up well, and let go.