If you have a good leader, you are much closer to success. Leaders are the drivers for navigating the company and its people towards the destination of success. However, unless the leader has a cooperative team of people to abide by his rules and follow his instructions, nothing can be achieved. Thus, it is important that an organization has a good leader and disciplined followers in order to help it reach the pinnacle of success. So, how do you get your people disciplined, focused and engaged? It as all up to you! You know that the more engaged your people are, the more efficient and effective the organization will work, which will lead to more success. So, let us answer the question?How to get your people more engaged?

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It is generally seen that employers are trying to increase team engagement by providing incentives, rewards, perks and compensation. But, this is a kind of effort that has a very short-term effect. But, you need more long-term results. So, what do you do? You build up a great culture within your company! Yes, it is the working culture you have that will boost up the engagement levels of your team members. You need to have an environment where employees are open and honest while being respectful and thoughtful. Every team member must be empowered to take up ownership and look for ways to overcome obstacles, while also being accountable for the results. This kind of environment brings a healthy atmosphere in all levels of the organization.

How can leaders promote a particular culture?

As a leader, what can you do to foster a particular working culture? You need to model the culture that your company requires in order to succeed. When leaders are highly engaged to lead the team, there is almost a 60% chance of having highly engaged employees too. This is because engaged leaders create experiences that promote the same feelings of engagement within the employees. These feelings will determine what the employees believe to do and not to do. Whatever behaviour you model as a leader will be copied by your team a whether positive or negative. So, it is for you to decide how you want to lead by example and create experiences for your team to follow.

First of all, you must ask yourself what kind of a leader you will personally want to follow, or what kind of a team would you like to have. These questions will help you know how you would like to behave. Based on these thoughts and answers, you will be able to find out when, where and how you will reveal the required personality. Moreover, you need to have your people to understand the purpose of your team and the organization as a whole, letting them know the results you wish to achieve, and how their actions will impact the company as performance.

Remember that it is the culture that you shape for your team at every level that will impact employee engagement, and will thus accelerate the organization as performance. If you are not sure you can handle this responsibility as a leader, make sure you take assistance from MARG, where you can be provided with the finest leadership skills training in Bangalore, to know when, where and how you must behave with your team.