Organizations have been spending lots of time and money on improving the capabilities of managers and leaders through leadership skills training. Today, different colleges and universities also offer hundreds of degree courses on leadership. Leadership development is one of the most important current as well as future priorities for companies. There are a number of companies who admit that they have failed to develop their business opportunities because they lack leaders with the right capabilities. After immense research, these four common mistakes have been found which result in leadership development programs to fail. Avoiding these mistakes can help in developing capable leaders and boosting their morale, thus aiding in the betterment of the company. Discussed below are these problems and the guidelines to overcome them.

Not considering the act of doing

Have you attended classroom lectures at school and university? Have you noticed that you remember only 10-20% of what you hear when you try to recall all that was taught? But, when you were made to perform something in practical, you retained almost 2/3rds of the entire act. This means that the act of doing is to be focused on if you want the behavioural pattern to change. So, you need to connect your leadership development programs with real on-the-job projects in order to improve learning by applying new approaches and honing their skills. Therefore, make sure to integrate leader development components into every major business project you undergo. MARG is a reputed name who can help with the best leadership skills training programs that involve theory lessons along with appropriate practical experimentation too.

Avoiding changing mindsets

Remember that if you do not provide a certain level of discomfort to your leaders, their behaviour that is supposed to be modified will not change. And, in order to become an effective leader, change is important. You must identify the thoughts, feelings and assumptions that are below the surface if you are looking for improvement. Only if your leaders have a controlled mindset will they be able to accept the virtues of delegation and empowerment. Even though your leaders may be highly successful in their fields, they will start lacking confidence and will start feeling uncomfortable once conversations start moving beyond their restricted functional understanding. Thus, it is very important for them to change and broaden their expertise.

Ignoring the context

Do you think a brilliant leader is one who performs perfectly in every given situation? It is always necessary. Even the best leader may perform well in one situation and poorly in another. One of the biggest mistakes that companies believe in is that the same group of skills and leadership styles are appropriate for every setting. Instead, when planning a leadership program, the company should understand what the particular program is for. You need to focus on the context, which in turn will help you know the significant competencies that are required to improve the performance of your leaders. A long list of competencies will not help achieve the outcomes a company needs. So, identify only the most important ones and work towards instilling those skills within your leaders in order to achieve a better outcome.
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Neglecting to measure the results

Have you ever measured the results of your leadership development programs? If you have no evidence to quantify these results, your investment is a total waste. Tracking the changes in performance from time to time is vital. Only if you measure the results can you design a program that is challenging to the leaders so that it can help them to improve. Accordingly targets can be set and achievement monitored so that necessary adjustments can be made. And, it is only the reports of failures or successes that the leaders can learn from.