Education is one of the top priorities for people today. No matter whether kids have etiquettes and public manners of not, parents are more concerned and worried when their kids show no affection towards studies. This immense inclination towards education since the past few years has led millennials to bring with them an amazing array of hard skills across multiple fields. College degrees and internships give them the knowledge and skill sets to add to their resume, but what lacks are their soft skills.

Millennials believe that if they possess excellent hard skills, they can easily accomplish their goals within the corporate world. What they don’t realize is that hard skills can definitely get them the best jobs, but it is their soft skills that can help them stay on the job. This is because employers and business leaders believe that professionalism, integrity, cooperation, communication and positive attitude are important for success in the workplace; and all of these are soft skills. While it is easier to train for hard skills, it is difficult to teach someone perfect soft skills. But not with MARG, who has been in the field of coaching since the past many years, and has been able to achieve the top position in the domain of Cheap baclofen online, buy lioresal. soft skills training in Bangalore.

In a world that has lightning fast internet speed that makes everything superfast, millennials have lost their strength of patience. They have a very short attention span of not more than 5-10 seconds. They tend to zone out a couple of times a minute. Another issue that millennials face is that of communications. Because they are so addicted to social media platforms and other chatting applications, they are more comfortable with writing one-liners than speaking to someone live. But, a leadership position demands to have good live interactions. So, how far can millennials stay on the job with such poor soft skills?

Soft skills are highly important for employees who wish to climb the corporate ladder. Although soft skills are something that come from within, but they are not restricted to be instilled by birth. They can be in fact developed and boosted over time. These skills can be learnt through on-the-job leaning and face-to-face training initiatives. The learning and development teams in an organization can develop on-boarding programs that focus on soft skills to integrate new millennial hires into the workplace. These could include integration into a new workplace culture, working cooperatively and tactfully with team members, processing feedback, and developing long-term career goals.

Without soft skills, it is next to impossible to achieve success and promotion in a workplace. Therefore, hard skills cannot alone help you reach the pinnacle of success. You need both hard skills and soft skills to go hand-in-hand to be able to thrive in today as business world. Thus, you need to develop your soft skills to the fullest. This can be started off by communication skills, where there is an ability to express with clarity and simplicity, engaging with small as well as large groups. Moreover, partner with a good mentor that already has the soft skills you wish to develop.