There are millions and billions of dollars spent by America on leadership training and other programs. But, they also say that this investment of theirs does not pay off as it should. Why? Because these leaders start off with great enthusiasm and pleasure but, they start lacking zeal when they see tough times approaching. Wondering why in spite of the training, leaders would want to back off during the tough times? This is because of the fact that leaders cannot be trained; they must be developed. Now you may say that training or developing is nothing but the same. This is not true! Although for a layman, both these terms may seem similar but, there is a vast difference between the two.

Rigid rules or flexible modifications?

First and foremost, you must understand that training has a set of rules, systems and ideas that must be adhered to. These rules and regulations are created based on past experiences and teaching, and can be managed only within controlled environments. On the other hand, leadership development is customized for an individual based on his/her individual traits so that he/she is better prepared for facing the future and unforeseen circumstances in the best way possible.

Focus on people or methodology?

As said above, training is focused on a system, methodology and manuals. It needs to be stuck to those fixed standards and has a very rigid framework within which the practices must be followed. Without any consideration of what kind of people or individual are taking up the coaching, leadership training will still follow its own style and pattern. Conversely, leadership development focuses on the people involved, and thus works on the characteristics of the individual personality and traits. This results in developing maximum potential and better results. Therefore, it can be said that training is system-oriented and development is people-oriented.

Present or future results?

There is no doubt in the fact that training focuses on the best practices. But, it must also be realized that development focuses on the next practices. This means that training generally looks at the immediate application of specific methodologies while development focuses more on the future adaptation of the individual being developed. Another way that this can be said is that leadership training aims at instructed while leadership development looks forward to educate employees for maximum efficiency through better potential.

To conclude, here are the differences between leadership training and development, mentioned in points a

    • Training is restricted; development is continuous.
    • Training is for the present; development is for the future.
    • Training solves problems; development builds up potential.
    • Training is routine-focused; development is people-focused.
    • Training is about instructing; development is about educating.
    • Training instills obedience; development encourages performance.
    • Training persuades effectiveness; development promotes efficiency.
    • Training relies on what is known; development explores the unknown.

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  • Training is interested in leadership; development is interested in leaders.

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