In today as age when everything is going global, there is only one language that is keeping the world connected, and that is English. It is becoming the language that is a must for every individual to learn across the globe. So, if you donat find yourself communicating in English with ease, it as time you get some training. Either you get in touch with professionals like MARG who can provide you with effective communication skills training in Bangalore, or follow these guidelines to improve on your English skills yourself.

Listening skills

One thing you must remember is that to become a good speaker, it is important that you become a good listener first. Until you listen to what someone is saying, you cannot respond to him appropriately. Similarly, in order to speak good English, you must first listen to some good quality English to get a hold on the language. Obviously, you may think that listening and getting a hold on the language cannot be easy. It as difficult but not impossible.

  • First of all, you need to get yourself in touch with some native English speakers. The more you are surrounded by them, the more English you will listen to, and the better hold you can get of the language.
  • Also, you must build a habit of watching TV, movies and videos that are recorded in English, rather than your native language. You may also record the video or movie and watch it over and over again so that you can learn the same thing repeatedly. After all, repetitive practice makes a man perfect.
  • If you are a music lover, you must tilt your interest more towards English music. If you listen to radio more than tape, make sure to turn on a station that plays English music or has radio jockeys conversing in English. Even learning one English song a day can widen your vocabulary and improve your control over certain words. However, make sure to start with songs that are slow and clear like ballads, rather than rap.

Speaking skills

Donat wait until you get a hold over the language. You must start speaking right away, even if you make lots of grammatical and vocabulary mistakes. You need to let go off your shyness if you want to learn.

    • One thing that can help you the most is to start speaking frequently to native English speakers. You need to make them speak to you, even if you need to plead to them. Also, start speaking English at home. Get away with your native language for a while and converse with everyone in English; you will see how it greatly helps you!
    • When you are alone, you must speak to yourself in English too. Obviously, this sounds a bit silly but, it will really help you. While you are doing something, speak about what you are doing. This will help to keep your brain thinking in English.
    • Another way to improve is by recording what you say. Although we hear our voice when we speak, we still donat know what we sound like. So, record what you say and listen to it to find out what your weak and strong points are. This will help you concentrate on what you need to work upon.

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Writing skills

Listening and speaking is just not enough. You need to know how to write too, especially when you are using English on your job.

  • To improve on your writing skills, you need to keep writing. Start with short and simple sentences first. You may start with writing a simple diary or anything that you did on some particular occasion. Whatever it is, just keep writing every day.
  • Next, you need to get your writing checked. It is pointless if you just keep writing without knowing where you are going wrong. So, request an English teacher or a friend or relative who knows English to check once in a while what you write.
  • Once you find out what your mistakes are, you need to work on them. Rewrite what you have written earlier, trying to rectify the mistakes.

Apart from speaking the language perfectly, it is also important that you have a perfect body language. The way you sit/stand, the way you move your hands, the way your face expresses your feelings a all this counts too. If you approach MARG for your communication skills, you can also strike a deal with them to provide you guidance from their professional and skilled soft skills trainers, who will help you become the perfect speaker and presenter in your workplace.