The most important role of a leader is to share the vision and goals of the organization with the employees and line them up to achieve those goals in the best way possible. As a leader, it is important that you manage and motivate your team to ensure that every employee understands their role towards the success of the organization as business. And for all of this, you need to have the best and most effective communication expertise. It has been surveyed that clear and consistent communication between leaders and their teams on a frequent basis delivers an improved employee performance. You can rely on a professional like MARG to get the finest communication skills training in Bangalore so that you can have effective communication with your staff and the best outcomes for your organization. Mentioned below are some tips that you can also follow for improving on your communication skills.

Listen first

For being an effective speaker, you first need to be an effective listener. Unless you listen and understand to what others are saying, you shouldn at be expecting that they would listen to you. People prefer listening to those who listen to them. So listen to your employees first to have yourself heard. Moreover, if you are able to understand how the other person perceives and reacts to different circumstances, you will be in a better position to adjust your communicating styles to engage with them better.

Focus on your body language

Communication is not only with words; it is also with your expressions and gestures. The way you physically signal what you say is of prime importance. How you say is equally important to what you say. How you say something highly affects the way your words are heard and received. Be confident and robust in your appearance, and you will see how the impact of your message multiplies.

Use the appropriate tone of voice

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As mentioned earlier, it is a how you say something that has a higher impact than a what  you say. How you say something is not confined to your body language alone; it also has a lot to do with your tone of voice. Different tones work differently. You need to know what tone of voice you need to use in which situations. Remember that there is a fine line separating firm and aggressive. You are a leader and above the rest. But, this does not mean you can speak the way you want. Remember to deliver your speech in a firm voice, but not in one that sounds arrogant or hostile. Stay confident in your body language while having a calm and positive tone of voice.

Use stories and examples

Blandly speaking about something and giving instructions wonat work impressively every time. What you can do to make your orders more receptive is to incorporate examples and stories with what you say. Think about motivational and inspirational stories and examples that will connect with the audience, and connect them with the points you wish to illustrate. If you are successful at targeting your audience with the correct narratives, your team will be more emotionally engaged and remember your instructions better.