How good are you a listener when it comes to listen to the problem of your children, spouse, friends or any loved one? You obviously show a lot of patience to listen to any problem they are facing and find ways to sort it out. But, when it comes to work, there is hardly the same level of patience. Why is this difference? This is because the people we share a personal relationship and bond with are important to us and we care for them. But, those at work may or may not be of importance. IsĀ  it true?
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How important is it to listen?

Every person in an organization needs to show concern, have patience and be attentive towards their work as well as people they work with. And, when it comes to being a mentor, the role and responsibilities do not confine to giving orders and managing the team to work towards the goal. Even if you are a mentor, who is supposed to lead the team, it is your core responsibility to be a good listener, and not a speaker alone. Before you give your orders and decisions, it is important that you consider what your subordinates have to say about any problems they are facing or any ideas they have in mind. MARG is a place where you can learn all that you require as a mentor because they are experts at offering the finest leadership training in Bangalore, where they coach about every small aspect of being an effective leader.

What is effective communication?

Most problems arise due to lack of communication. Communication cannot be done from one side alone. Both the sides need to listen and speak equally. This is what effective communication is about. When we are unable to offer undivided attention to a conversation, or when we are busy speaking only about what we think is right, fine details and important points may be missed out. This leads to inefficiency amongst the team members and thus, reduced effectiveness in work. So, it is vital that you believe that every conversation is important and deserves equal amount of listening. If you want to be a fruitful mentor, make sure you are an effective listener. You can take the conversation into the right direction if you listen to what others have to say and design your program based on the discussions. So, make sure you have the skills of dedicated listening.

How can one be a dedicated listener?

Dedicated listening comes when the mentor puts away all other issues running in the back of his mind during the course of the mentoring program. He must let go of the thoughts of the past and focus on the present. He needs to convince himself that nothing is more important than the discussion that is going on now. However, if there is genuinely something that is more occupying and you think that you will not be able to offer undivided attention to your team, let them know and arrange for a meeting sometime later when the issue can be addressed with complete focus.

How to reassure the speaker that you are listening?

It is your conversation, body language and gestures that let the speaker know whether you are listening to him or not. Keep nodding your head and approving of what he is saying to let him know that you are attentive and interested. Also, give him the freedom to let you know if at any time in the conversation he feels that you are getting distracted, and make sure you take it positively. This will boost up the rapport between you both and will also have you both understanding each other better.