Every year, students graduate from business schools with an aspiration to rise to leadership positions. The students are well-prepared in their subjects with the best of theory, case studies and readings. But, everything in practice in the corporate world does not come from theory; it requires practical experience and practical thinking. One such aspect that is not taught in theory, and is a very important leadership quality is your character as a leader. Your character is the foundation that enables the potential of a leader’s success, and is the most challenging element to measure.

Character is a vast field that includes lots of attributes like traits, values and virtues. In-depth qualities of these attributes include courage, collaboration, temperance, judgment, integrity, accountability, humility, humanity and transcendence. However, there is no specific value or measure assigned to these qualities that can qualify success. Every individual has his own unique standard of character depending on what makes them feel at comfort. Therefore, with every person having different standards, there is no ‘correct set’ of values, traits and virtues.

Now that there is no correct character, it is the quality of a person’s character that distinguishes him from others and helps him build unique relationships, teams and working cultures as a leader. You must develop the kind of personality and character that earns you respect, esteem and everyone’s affection. However, with lots of competition around, it is not easy to rise to a position of leadership in any organization. Only those who are best equipped are able to acquire high leadership positions and hold on to that position. To enhance or develop a particular character within you, you need to practice instilling the trait within you. If you are not sure about doing so on your own, you need assistance from a firm who offers paramount leadership training in Bangalore like MARG, who is a leader in its field since the past decade.

The success of a leadership position is determined by a variety of factors like the people working under the leader, objectives to be accomplished, and the cultural, economic, political and social working environment. As these factors change, the qualities of leadership change too. The most important traits of a successful leader are actions, accepting mistakes, and honesty.


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It is not the hope or intentions that reveal your character; it is your actions that speak. Specifically, in case of any kind of difficulties, obstacles, setbacks or crisis, the right kind of character is revealed. This is the true test of a leader.

Accepting mistakes

It isn’t necessary that if you are a leader, you are always right. Along with being a leader, you are also human, and a human is prone to making mistakes. But if you make mistakes, you should be ready to accept it and take complete responsibility for yourself. This trait will help your team learn how to accept their mistakes and be responsible too.


Integrity and honesty are other important habits you must have as a leader. You need to speak the truth to yourself and others in every situation. Obviously, there are some things you need to keep confidential from your team members, but when there are things to disclose, you need to be honest and transparent in every aspect.