As an entrepreneur, you have a vision for your company. You know what you want to achieve, and you may also know how. But this doesn’t mean that you are going to do all the chores on your own. To make a successful company, you need a complete team to work for you. It is your employees who are going to work for you. Their involvement and their actions are what can make or break the possibility of achieving success. Apart from the regular functions and duties they perform, they also need to be able to take their decisions on their own. They need to have the ability to solve problems efficiently without being dependent on you or their seniors. Problem solving skills cannot be taught like any other technical work, or subjects in school. However, there are ways you can have a problem solving team working for you. Here is how.

Hire the right staff

The process of having an effective problem solving team begins right from the time you hire your staff. While hiring a candidate, you may look for his qualifications and experience, but how does that help you decide his capability to solve any problems that come their way? To analyze their problem solving skills, you can provide the candidates with different problem scenarios to solve right away during the interview process. The way they react to it is what will be your key. If they start feeling under pressure, they cannot be good problem solvers. However, if they accept the challenge, you can rely upon them for being a strong team member. Whether he solves the problem or not is secondary, but his acceptance of challenge is the first step towards success.

Give them space

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Everyone needs their space for a while. Instead of micromanaging your team, you must let the employees work on their own. You must trust your employees that they can have their job done without your guidance. Let them know what their job is and what you wish them to achieve. Also, tell them that you count on them, and then back off to let them work in their own way. This will help them feel empowered, which will ultimately boost their skills. Letting them know their goals and outcomes desired, and having them to work in their own manner while showing confidence in them will have you surprised when you look at the results!

Encourage team ideas

It is important that your employees are good problem solvers. But, it is also important that they can solve problems effectively when working in a group too. When a group of people are working together, they all have different mindsets, which may not let them collectively come up to one single solution. So, you need to keep practicing team building exercises regularly to foster trustworthy and strong relationships between your team members so that they trust, respect, and rely on one another.

Persuade creativity

Creative minds can better solve problems than those that are dull. So, you must encourage and entertain creativity in your workplace as much as possible. It could be as small as adding some colour and Nature as beauty to the office, hanging abstract art of the walls, or adding fun games for a break in the busy schedule. These little gestures can help the minds of your employees be relaxed for a bit; and relaxed minds can definitely think better than frustrated ones.


Problem solving is a highly important trait every employee I your organization must possess. When your employees are in a better position to solve issues on their own, your team is definitely up for success. However, you need to lead them quite a few times here and there because you are ultimately their leader. Keep an eye over them; support them in their good, and direct them in their bad. For being an even more effective leader for your team, you must also undergo professional leadership skills training in Bangalore from a reputed organization like MARG. The more skilled a leader; the better capable the staff.