Working as a team in the workplace helps to increase efficiency and easy goal achievement. One of the most important tasks for team building involves setting up a clear structure and roles for the team members. When all the workers are clear about their roles, they feel confident and can contribute better towards the goal. Here are some guidelines for developing a better team in the workplace.

Clear goals

Establish a clear goal and mission for your team. Be as specific as you can about it. Prepare a list of goals in writing and distribute it to all the team members. Announce a goal meeting that will help you discuss and clear any questions or doubts. Make sure every team member contributes during team meetings along with listening carefully when other members are speaking. Call on those individuals to contribute during meetings who are not yet speaking up. A Let the team members from different departments be given a chance to ask questions and gain clarity about any doubts they have. Do not let only a few people dominate team meetings. Make sure that every team member contributes and set a time limit for every speaker.

Roles and responsibilities of team members

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Next, develop a task list and clarify all the procedures and plans in writing. Specify the role and responsibility of every team member individually. Keep rotating the roles of team members to increase skill building. This will also help your team to accept new roles and challenges. They will get to learn new skills and gain appreciation for the responsibilities they take up. Along with this, it is very important to announce deadlines. Every team member must be very clear about when their task is due.


It is very important that your team members work as a team and not individually. It is your duty to inspire your team members to work together and coordinate. For this, you need to pair up workers with compatible work styles and work attitudes so that they can achieve their tasks cordially within the specified timeline. You must appreciate the work of those members who have put in all efforts for the success of the organization. But, make sure you don’t instill feelings of envy, hatred or negative competition within the other members of the team. Whatever you do, your actions should instill feelings of only positive competition within the minds of your people.


There is no organization that does not face conflicts or problems, whether external or internal. Same will be the case with you. Whether you are a small business or a big enterprise, you will definitely face problems sometime or the other. Use these problems as an opportunity to grow and innovate, rather than playing a blame game with your team. When there is a clash of viewpoints between your team members, explain to them that this is useful to allow rick and innovative solutions to come up. Try to fix problems as soon as you notice them. Arrange for weekly sessions where you gather team members to discuss conflicts and difference of opinions. Encourage your team members to come up with solutions for the problems.

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