With the world getting smaller and regional barriers being broken, it is essential to learn English a the primary language that connects one country to the other when it comes to communication. Whether for business or travel or personal reasons, it is vital that every individual learns this language. But, you must remember that learning any new language requires hard work, commitment and passion. Without passion, it will become almost impossible for you to learn this beautiful language. This is because you may have to put in hours together to learn English, and every hour you need to be interested and active. Learning a new language requires every practice from reading to listening to speaking to writing.

Speak in English

You need to start by speaking English; no matter how little you may know. Even if you know just five words of the language, make sure you start using them regularly. Donat wait until you learn a little more of it so that you can begin. Start off right away! Start with simple conversations like Hello. How are you or Hi. What is your nameĀ  If English does not fall in your comfort zone yet, it is obvious that you will be making mistakes. Donat be afraid or embarrassed of it. The fear of making mistakes is the biggest obstacle that stands in the way of learning a new language. Get rid of this fear or it will prevent you from achieving your goal.

Read English

Start reading English books. Reading is an essential part of learning any new language. Start with easy novels if you are a beginner, maybe novels for children. Then, you may start with easy English books and then newspapers and magazines. Do not opt for high level English books. It will only make you feel worse. Try reading aloud. This will allow you to improve not only your reading skills but, will also work on your pronunciation. You must also get into the practice of carrying a dictionary with you and learn around 20 to 30 new words everyday whenever you get some free time available.
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Listen to English

Listen to English radio or podcasts. Download English language podcasts or radio apps and make it a point to listen to them for a few hours every day. You must also watch English movies and TV shows. This will help you improve on your English while keeping you entertained. Surround yourself with people who speak more of English. Listen to them carefully. Notice how they pronounce each word, and try to copy them. Also catch up on idioms that they use like a piece of cake or at the drop of a hat or beating around the bush Using these in your statements will bring your level of English up several notches.

Write in English

Keep a diary for writing English every day. Start with writing few simple statements in English. You may write about simple things like what you ate, what you did at work/school, how the weather is or anything at all. This will help you work on structuring your sentences and on your grammar and spelling too. Get an English expert to read what you have written and check it for errors. Improve over your errors and keep practicing.

Attend English classes or groups

Sign up for English training classes or discussion groups. Such sessions will help you focus on formal as well as informal ways of speaking English. You will understand grammatical accuracy, punctuations, pronunciations and much more. You can register with MARG for the finest communication skills training in Bangalore to be trained by professionals for sharpening your spoken and written English skills with perfectly designed training modules.