Today, there are many good speakers across the country but, is it enough to be a good speaker? In this competitive world, it doesnat seem enough; you need to be an excellent speaker to represent your brand globally. Even if you have great charisma, good communication skills, strong messages and great stage presence, it is very important to have the best presentation. You need to improve on the art of public speaking; and for this, you need to get the finest training from professionals. MARG is one such name that offers the most professional presentation skills training Bangalore, to help you stand in front of a large audience and make your mark. Let us have a look at some of the skills an excellent speaker must possess.

Be a good reader

To be a great speaker, you need to first be a good reader. Read lots of books, case studies and white papers to improve on your language, vocabulary and latest news. It is very important to stay in touch with all the new trends and latest updates relevant to your business, so that you can tell your audience about something new rather than the same old repeated topics.

Know what you say

Next, you need to know what you are going to be presenting in front of your audience. Be thorough with your material. Put all your information in a logical sequence. Make sure to keep things short and simple yet, informative. Also ensure that your speech is not boring. You need to add humour or things that add interest to your speech at intervals to keep the audience attracted.

Practice and rehearse

Practice and rehearse your speech a hundred times before getting on stage. Keep practicing as much as you can so that you appear comfortable and at ease in front of the listeners. Instead of standing at a given place and reading your speech from a piece of paper, you need to keep moving about and support your speech with appropriate hand gestures and facial expressions. Stand in front of the mirror or tape your voice or have someone record a video while you are practicing. This will help you realize what you need to improve on  your tone of voice, your actions, your body language, your expressions, etc.

Captivate your audience

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It is difficult to keep your audience interested by verbal speeches alone. Keep them captivated by supporting your speech with audio-visual presentations. You can use props if appropriate and necessary. If you plan to include something of this sort, make sure that all of this is setup before hand and is in perfect working condition. Also, make sure to have an emergency backup system ready in case of worst situations.

Connect with the audience

It is crucial to connect well with your audience; and you can do this through your speech and eye contact. First of all, you need to speak loud and clear, and have the perfect pronunciations. You need to know where you need to add pauses and emotions/feelings to create interest and let the audience have enough time to reflect and think about what you have said. You also need to maintain regular eye contact with the audience in such a way that everyone present feels that they are involved.

Adapt to changes

It is quite possible that things may not turn up the way you expected them too. If what you have prepared is not getting across to the audience, you need to change your style and strategy mid-way, and for this, you need to be prepared well in advance. Also possible is that the time given to you may be cut-short or extended due to certain reasons. In such a case, you need to know where and how you must stop, or what you may add to fill up the empty space of time. In short, you must have all sorts of backup plans and be prepared for the unexpected.

Be presentable

Now that you have all the qualities of being a great speaker, you also must know that you should look presentable. After all, you are going to represent a brand or company. You need to be dressed appropriately for the occasion, and must look formal and professional but, not geeky. You need to look pleasant and confident but, not proud or arrogant. Do not look nervous even if you are.