How is a team built? How can we have team work in an organization? It is obviously team building efforts put in by the leaders that help build a team and in turn enhance team work. Leaders need to undergo the best kind of team building training in Bangalore baclofen tablets buy, buy zithromax online. , like the one offered by MARG, to understand every aspect of building a team and making it work.

To bring success to an organization, the leader must figure out how a slack collection of co-workers can be turned into a strong and effective team during group tasks. Since early 1950s, the concept of a team as cycle has been categorized into 5 stages, namely forming, storming, norming, performing and transforming. Perfectly mastering all these stages can help you get the most cooperative and strong team working under you. This blog describes each of these stages in detail.


This is the first stage where teams come together and begin to find out how they fit into the group. During this stage, leaders must encourage their team members to know and understand each other. There must be activities and games involved that help every member to get familiar with the others.


As the name suggests, this is the stage when conflicts tend to arise within a team. It is common for disagreements and clashes to occur when there are a group of people involved, with everyone having a different mindset and personality. But, it is important to sort out these issues as soon as possible. There should be open communication between the co-workers as well as between the team and leaders so that problems are addressed as soon as they arise, and immediate steps can be taken to sort them out.


Social bonds play a very significant role in every personal and professional relationship. Today, professionalism does not confine to office premises alone. It goes beyond that and social connections are explored outside of the professional environment. Socialization needs to be encouraged with team building activities to strengthen social bonds even more. This will help enhance communication between the team members on a more comfortable note in a relaxed environment.


This is the stage when team members have become comfortable with one another, conflicts have died down, and problems have been sorted. At this stage, team members understand their roles well and work cooperatively together towards the team as goals. This is when enthusiasm and efficiency can be seen within the members. Team members start building strong interpersonal relationships by now.


Team members need to be challenged against their comfort zone so that they can rise above their levels to achieve something newer and better. Changes in roles are required, which results in something altogether different. Some teams are seen to be dissolved by now, while others reorganize and start working on a new project. This leads to pushing the team back to the forming stage, where the entire cycle is started all over again.

Understanding these different stages prove that team building experiences are very effective and help improve team outcomes. So, make sure you study and research on the same, and implement these tactics in your team building strategies.