Executive Coaching for EXPATS in India is for senior management expats who have moved to India as business heads or functional managers and who have specific requirement that require special attention. These are time bound and confidential. They are typical 1:1 engagements:

  • Profile
    • New to India ; English is a foreign language
  • Subject Areas: (examples)
    • Indian Culture (society, politics, religion, etiquette and customs).
    • Establishing context of Indian business culture / work environment
    • Connecting with team, managing team in India
    • Establishing work ethic
    • English Grammar, common phrases, commonly misunderstood words, Vocabulary, with primary focus upon spoken English.

Executive Coaching for EXPAT family (spouse & children) in India is the coaching and tutoring support provided to the entire Expat family to make them settle down smoothly . They are typical 1:1 engagements covering:

  • English Language –Immersion & Integration
  • Acclimatizing to life in Bangalore
    • Communication with immediate surrounding.
    • Living in Bangalore, India-Bangalore Lifestyle, difference from their culture etc.
    • Integration of my family into Bangalore.
  • Education & Schooling
    • The children (includes help for their school homework)
    • Parents Role in Education.