In spite of the best grades, job-seekers are finding it difficult to impress the employers. Because today, you need something far more elusive than that in order to move ahead! Want to find out what it is? Read further below.

There was a time when good academic qualification and grades from a reputed university were just enough to get a new graduate a great job. But, times are changing and soft skills are gaining more attention than ever. This is the reason why soft skills training cardura online, acquire zithromax. is gaining momentum and rapidly growing in the corporate industry today. Earlier, Indians were confined to businesses only in their city or other cities within the country. But now, with businesses expanding globally, employers want their staff to be up-to-date with all the necessary soft skills so that they can be presentable as well as work effectively to achieve all that is required while dealing with foreign clients. Companies want their workforce to be trained so that they are relevant to the changing trends of the corporate industry across the globe.

A research has shown that employers are now looking for good attitude, strong work ethic and an innovative mindset before hiring their employees. Work ethic is the most important today and schooling from a prestigious institute is the least important consideration in the hiring process today. When employers are looking for high-quality work to be done, it is flexibility, creativity, drive and value-based decision that matter the most. Those who are being employed to supervise a team are being looked lesser for experience and more for management and leadership skills.

On an average, we take just a few seconds to evaluate someone by their appearance, body language, personality and mannerism. And, this is just what employers can see too. This is the reason why a first impression is everything. And, it is the absence of these soft skills that is the reason behind the fact that despite so much of unemployment, employers are not agreeing to recruit even highly qualified job finders and are complaining about not being able to fill vacancies. Employers say that qualifications are important but, equally important are soft skills, character skills, confidence, self-control and the ability to get along with people; and they say that they are not seeing enough of this in graduates coming out of universities.

Soft skills training in India is in huge demand today because this is a country where education and results are admired the most but, great help is needed with people skills in order to compete in the global world. Moreover, in this social-media generation, people are lacking oral communication and are getting more uncomfortable with face-to-face meetings. Building business relationships are very important today, and they don’t develop through email and chatting. 50-70% of communication comes through body language and the confidence one shows when they go out and meet people. And, do you think all this can come while sticking to social media platforms alone?