Taking Charge Of Change for Educators

Virtual Instructor-Led Change Management Program

This experiential learning program provides educators an understanding of the fundamentals concepts and institutional benefits of effective change management.

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What is the tangible benefit of the program?

This experiential learning program delivers the fundamental concepts of change management and establishes how effective change management can benefit your organization.
The program applies five tenets of change management to a specific project or change initiative to build awareness and desire for change management—the first two milestones in the Prosci ADKAR Model.
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An online interactive learning experience

Participants gain the knowledge, skills and tools to drive successful change initiatives

Who should attend

The program is designed to benefit the following roles.

Senior Leadership

Senior Leadership of institutions / School Boards who are evaluating how change management can benefit their institution in turbulent times or to always stay ahead

Heads of Institutions

Principal/Vice principal /Dean/ etc who need a robust understanding of change management to steer the institution during any change

School Management

School Management (Co-ordinators/ Administrators, Head Master/Mistress, Counselors, Coaches, etc) who need to understand fundamental concepts and establish a common language while implementing a change


Any other teacher/member/key influencer etc who are in the administration role and are key in formulating and implementing change in policies, guidelines, and their adoption across the institution

Key Influencer

Any other teacher/member/key influencer etc who are impacted significantly by the change and needs to know what it takes to apply change management

Learning Objectives

During the Taking Charge of Change workshop, participants will
Establish a shared definition of change management and how it impacts outcomes aimed for institutions.
Understand the connection between the technical and people sides of change
Understand the research and best practices around change management
Understand the value of change management Learn and apply the five tenets of change to an initiative.
Complete diagnostics and assessments for the initiative
Understand and apply the Prosci ADKAR® Model for individual change
Develop an awareness of the three phases of organizational change
Develop a ‘commitment to action’ plan
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Program Agenda

What is change management ?
  • Creating a shared definition
  • Delivering results and outcomes
We change for a reason?
  • The reason for change
  • Change as a process
Tenet 2: Organizational change requires individual change ?
  • Individuals as unit of change
  • Impacted groups and aspects of job change
Tenet 3: Organizational outcomes are the collective result of individual change
  • Connecting individuals to organizational change
  • ROI Factors of effective change
What is change management ?
  • Creating a shared definition
  • Delivering results and outcomes

Course Materials

Participants will receive

Introduction to Change Management eLearning module

Access to digital assets via the Prosci Portal

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