Being a leader is one of the most responsibility-filled jobs. You must be able to effectively lead a team and know all your responsibilities and duties very well. All the needs of your team and requirement of your organization should be known to you clearly; only then can you take the required steps for the betterment of your company. The leadership style you implement impacts the emotional state of your team members, thus you must implement the right combination of practices. In this blog, you will learn about the different emotional leadership styles practiced by modern team leaders.

The Coaching Style

This leadership style involves the leader with his team members beyond the workplace. In the coaching style, the leader is more like a mentor of his team members, training them to realize their own strengths and weaknesses. He feels it a responsibility to align the goals of the organization with the skills of his team. He shows complete faith in his team, which helps build loyalty in the minds of his team members towards him. Continually improving on the talent of the team, such a team leader can soon convert them into efficient resources.

The Pace-setter

This type of leader sets challenging goals for his team members and asks them to confront and face the situation. In case he comes across a member who does  perform well, his demand increases. This style of leadership is effective in the short term but, it wonat work for long. Moreover, team members who do not perform well may accomplish much poorer results as a result of this tactic. However, one positive thing about this type of leadership is that such kind of leader can improve a tough situation if such a need arises.

The Commanding Style

A leader with the commanding style is one who always wants to have complete control over his team by commanding them and expecting them to follow his orders. Such a leader has full control over his emotions and because of his ever-commanding nature; he appears to be far away from his team in terms of leader-team relationship.

The Visionary Style

As the name says, the visionary style leader is a futurist. He has far-seeing skills according to which he can motivate his team members to work towards the goal. Such a leader encourages his team members to use their skills and the resources available to create their own direction. He is always standing by his team members when they are in need of a new direction.

The Affiliating Style

This type of leader pays careful attention to the emotional impact of work on his team members. Such a leader helps his team members to work collaboratively and handle a stressful situation in the company by holding hands, instead of panicking.

clomid for sale, cheap clomid. The Democratic Style

This style of leadership involves the leader to actively listen to both positive and negative news after participating in the activities of his team, and later offer inputs for them. This style of leadership has a positive influence on the atmosphere in the workplace.

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