We all know how important communication is, not only in our personal relationships but, in our workplaces too. It is communication that transfers what you think within your mind to those around you. Effective communication will help you build strong relationships with your colleagues as well as seniors, and will also help those working under you to be comfortable when they are with you.

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There are three modes of communication that are important within a workplace a written, verbal and digital.

Written communication

Although written communication is not seen much today, it is essential when you have to fill up forms and write reports. Thus, saying that written communication is not important will not be correct. You need to be fluent in your written language too and must know how to interpret your thoughts into words clearly. In many organizations, managers and executives are required to write formal reports on topics ranging in varied industry segments. So, working upon your writing skills is equally important as verbal.

Verbal communication

The way you speak to your audience is of high importance in the corporate world. It starts with you giving an interview for a job. When you speak to your interviewers, you must use the right language in the right tone and with correct body language. You have only a few seconds of minutes to impress your employer to hire you. Additionally, you may also be interviewed through a telephonic conversation or video call. So, knowing what to speak and how to speak is of high importance. Once you get the job, you need to very well understand and take appropriate actions while speaking to all those you work with. Speaking to your employer is different from speaking to your team leader; speaking to your colleagues is different from speaking to those working under you. You must understand these basic differences; only then can you have an effective communication at all levels in the organization.

Digital communication

Digital communication is one of the most popular ways of communicating with people today. Whether it is through mail or Web chatting or social media sites, this type of communication is in high demand at all levels. You must be very careful about how you communicate using these measures. If you are not able to interpret what you think in the correct manner, it may be misinterpreted by the one reading your words, which may create problems in the future. While writing your thoughts or message, you should be very clear with your choice of words so that they indicate the right tone of voice.

There are a variety of programs that train executives at all levels to improve their communication skills in every way. Such training can help express your ideas in a more comprehensible manner. Even if you think you have a good command over your language and the way you communicate, there is no harm in getting additional training because it will only enhance your skill sets. So, whether you are looking for public speaking skills or writing mails or electronic communication skills, you can learn and stay updated by attaining the finest communication skills training in Bangalore by MARG, a reputed name in the industry since the past nine years.