To build any kind of relationship, personal or professional, you need to put in lots of efforts from both sides. More than putting in some good communication skills, you need to put out some wrong habits that can endanger the chances of maintaining business relationships. There are certain things that you may be doing that may harm your relationship, so you need to dump them. Here are the most important and most popularly seen ones.

Being in your own head

Be a good listener. Avoid being in your own head and listen to others. When you are not listening to others, you are giving them subconscious signals that you are not concerned or connected with them. You need to be present in the conversation whole-heartedly and whole-mindedly, and need to show the person you are conversing with that you are listening to him intently.

Avoiding eye contact

Genuine eye contact is very important while conversing with others. Not maintaining eye contact or constantly glancing away may seem wrong for the person you are conversing with, forcing them to think that you are uninterested in the conversation. So, make sure you are looking into the eyes of people while listening to them, and maintaining it throughout the conversation.

Negative expressions and gestures

One of the worst cases seen in conversations is negative facial expressions, gestures, body posture, and body language. You must have a formal, professional, and confident look if you want to build a successful business relationship. Whether consciously or not, you may be giving negative feelings to others about yourself, which you need to work upon as soon as possible.

buy baclofen online without prescription, purchase Zoloft. Harsh or inconvenient speech

Today, we are more likely to speak to others in a harsh tone or in a restricted speech. We are no more in the age where we speak formally and respectfully with everyone in every condition. Even if we speak respectfully to others in the professional scenario, after a certain extent, it becomes very normal to curse or become harsh. Another problem is to use filler words between statements. This will show your lack of confidence, and will distract others from the message you want to deliver to them.


Interrupting people while they are speaking, for whatsoever reason, is absolutely wrong. You must give others a chance to speak and let them say all they want. Even if you find something wrong, or are not in agreement with what they say, you must let them speak. Later, you can definitely give in your inputs. Remember that the amount of time you give others to speak, you are investing the same amount of time for yourself to have others to listen to you when you are speaking.


There are many people who are prone to fidget with their hands all the time. This could come across as a sign of nervousness or lack of confidence. Avoid this kind of fidgeting, and practice keeping one hand on the top of another, resting in your lap or on the table. This will give you a good posture and will have others thinking of you as disciplined and sophisticated.

Looking at your phone during conversations

We all are so addicted to our phones that even in the midst of a conversation, we tend to look at our phone multiple times. This is indeed a very wrong habit that displays your unconcern for the people speaking to you. You must give your people undivided attention and show them that you care about the conversation happening, by keeping your phone away on silent or in switched off mode.

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