If you are an organization that handles lots of calls from clients, phone skills are very important. Having certain phone manners is vital for developing those new to the job and also to better train those who are on the job already. Here is a list of all that you must take care of while training your employees for phone skills. But, before you train others, it is important that you evaluate yourself so that you can keep track of whether your employees are on the right track or not. In fact, you can get in touch with MARG who will provide you with the best communication skills training in Bangalore in such a way that it will profitable to you in every phase of life.

Beginning of the call

Start from training them right from how they should be picking up the call. The greeting and the speed of picking up the phone determine the first impression; and as you know the first impression is the last impression. If you pick up the phone too late, it will discourage the caller, while if you pick up the phone just instantly, it may startle them. The best is you pick up the call after two rings. Now the question is how you must greet the caller. Avoid an automated formal response. Start with a Hi in a friendly tone, say your name and ask How may I help you?
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During the conversation

During the entire call, you must keep control on the tone and speed of your voice. Sound polite and helping. Maintain the level of your pitch. A very loud or very low voice will disinterest the caller. Also, keep your pace normal. Speaking too fast or too slow will only show the caller that you are either nervous or confused. Once you are done, be careful to keep the phone in a polite manner. A bad ending will ruin the entire impact of the conversation.

Length of the call

Analyze the average length of the calls made. If your company has in-depth and complex queries, it may take a while to sort out the matter. Depending on the query, you must set an adequate time for the call. The caller should be satisfied and not feel that he is being rushed to end the call. But, you must also take care not to give too much of your time to a single caller. You must focus on the quality of the conversation rather than the time.

Employee knowledge

You must ensure that the people who are attending the call know what they are talking about. They must have complete knowledge of their industry, products and services so that they can prove to be a helpful consultant. Provide additional technical knowledge to those who are responsible for attending calls.

Training programs

You may opt for using DVD or video training programs or use one-to-one/group courses. You must do a role play to let people develop their own insight. As they review themselves, they will become aware of their own mannerisms and will learn how and where to improve.

Consider all the above points and you will surely have a better phone attending team. However, you must also understand that all callers are not the same. What is appropriate for some may not be appropriate for the others. So, your team must be able to analyze who they are speaking to and what they would like to hear before putting in the words that you may have taught them. The main purpose of a phone call is building trust and rapport with the clients and providing them complete satisfaction.