Communication skills are very vital in every big and small organization today. And, when it comes to managers, the way of communication is even more important. How you communicate with others in the organization at every different level is what will define what kind of manager you are. Good communication skills will help you to perform your managerial roles more effectively because you need to communicate effectively to every person or tam you deal with a the team within your organization, your suppliers, your customers and everybody else.

Managers have a great deal of responsibility on their shoulders like managing production, personnel, resources and many other job responsibilities. But, getting all the processes streamlined and managing the tasks of every team working in the organization is your main responsibility. And, you can get this done successfully only if you have the most appropriate communication. Dealing with the employees politely and positively with the right tone of voice is very important.

Moreover, you need to be very sure about your expectations with your team members. If you are unclear, indistinct and confusing regarding your instructions or prospects, it will cause problems not only for you but, for your team members and the entire organization too. It will lead to a poor rapport with your subordinates, lack of amity with your peers and hostility with your seniors. So, in order to be a good manager, you must have great communication skills. But, what these skills are and what will make you a good communicator, is to be understood. You must also understand that communication skills for managers are different from communication skills for any other average person.

What skills must a manager possess?

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  • You should be very clear about your goals, vision and expectations; only then can you deliver the same to your team and help them understand it better.
  • Along with the team, you must be able to communicate with the higher levels of authority clearly too in case of any progress or retreat, so that appropriate decisions can be made accordingly.
  • You must give clear feedback consistently through the entire execution process in terms of performance, quality and errors.
  • In case of any problems seen within the execution process, you must make sure to give adequate encouragement to the team and instilling a spirit of teamwork, rather than getting hyper or agitated.

What things must a manager avoid?

Now you know what all you must do. But, along with it, you also need to know what all you mustna��t do. Some things that you need to avoid include a��

  • Not giving regular feedbacks, and then deciding to dump all of it in one meeting held in six months.
  • Being too negative about your feedbacks
  • Not being honest or direct with what you have to say
  • Yelling and screaming at your employees for every little thing
  • Making conversations too personal

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