Team building activities could sometimes be a hit and sometimes a miss. You need the right kind of activity for your group that has them to coordinate and cooperate, and strengthen their personal as well as group potencies. Because well-chosen team building activities will deliver benefits to the organization, it is very important to choose the right activity for your team.

Team building activities can be classified into three main categories a recreational, awareness related, and developmental.

    • Recreational a These activities are those that can engage, entertain and energize the participants. They focus on socialization like getting along with others, maintaining relationships, etc. This helps individuals to get along well with their colleagues, seniors, juniors as well as clients at the workplace.
    • Awareness related a These activities are those that introduce new concepts, skills and strategies. These are done in a way to make it more engaging and memorable.

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  • Developmental a These activities include business objectives, learning outcomes, strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities to improve on relationships, processes, and results.

You can work together with MARG, the leader in team building training in Bangalore, to facilitate and select the most appropriate group or team building activity for your team. However, you must remember that the activity should complement your group and goals.

You need to choose very wisely for your business benefits. You need to keep in mind what you wish to achieve for your team. Have all the information about your team, the issues you are facing, and efficiency levels of your team listed to help you decide better. Providing all this information to your team building partner will help you both identify and create the right activity for your organization.

Make a list of your team size, demographics, dynamics, and every other detail. Let your partner know of the possible locations and likely dates, and whether you would like something competitive or non-competitive. Let them know the outcomes you are looking for from the activities.

Why choose MARG to help you?

You need a professional team building partner who has a list of different activity options based on different business categories to help you. An organization who has the ability to scale team building activities for larger groups without any compromise is the perfect one to look out for. And, MARG has it all. We, at MARG, have been working in this field since the year 2007 and have a number of satisfied clients that come from different business segments and fields like IT, manufacturing, research and development, pharmaceuticals, real estate, education, publications and more. We create and customize different team activities based on our particular client. Whatever kind of organization you are, whichever field you are into, whatever your strength, you can completely rely on us and our capabilities to bring you the best results.