You have great qualifications, degrees and certificates in the field you are a may it be law, engineering, teaching or anything else. All these qualifications will definitely get you a great job but, these are not what might keep you on the job. Every job definitely requires knowledge and proficiency, without which nothing can be done. But, along with it are also needed excellent behaviour, positive attitude, polite communication and empathy.

The Economic Times held an article which indicated that out of 3 lakh MBA graduates every year, a mere 10% are employable. Likewise, the Business World also specified that out of 50 lakh graduates every year, only 25% are believed to be employable. Do you know why? Because employers seek not only the best professionals but also, those who can work significantly along with a team, those who can handle their tasks well even under pressure and those that have great emotional intelligence. In short, soft skills are as important as hard skills today. While hard skills can help you get the job, soft skills are those that will help you stay on the job for longer.

Now, the question that arises is where to go to enhance these soft skills. You need to choose the right place to develop these skills so that you have a successful career ahead. You cannot waste all your time, money and effort at some random place just because it promises a lot, only to find out that they have been deceiving you. Here are the parameters you must look for while selecting your training institute.

Is it a recognized and reputed institute?

The first and foremost check you must make is whether the institute you are approaching is recognized and reputed, which means that once you get the certificate, you will be accepted in the industry with open arms. Will the name of the institute on your resume add value to it? If the answer is yes, half of your check is already done because a reputed institute will always provide you with the best quality training.

Do they have an effective and proficient methodology?

Check if the trainers are qualified instructors and have certifications. Does the institute believe in dynamic and functional teaching or the same old traditional classroom strategy with long lectures? You need to be trained by highly professional mentors in order to achieve the finest level of skills. Today, practicing all that is taught to you with live exercises is as essential as learning the theories within the classrooms.

Do they offer customized training for organizations?

If you are looking to impart soft skills to the entire team of your employees, you need to check if the institute provides customized training. Every company has their own needs and priorities. Although the employees do have their own set of soft skills because of which they have been able to work with the organization profitably but, it is essential to impart additional soft skill training for the betterment of the organization. And for this, your organization requires tailor-made training for all the corporates right from managers to the lowest level staff.
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How does MARG prove to be the best training institute?

With 9 years of experience since its establishment in 2007, MARG has proven to become a renowned name in the industry with a record of 60 well-known satisfied clients on its list. Moreover, the trainers at MARG come with diverse experience across industries like manufacturing, IT, services and FMCG, who instruct corporate across all levels of management including directors, heads of departments, vice presidents and senior managers. Furthermore, MARG uses the VARK style of learning that combines relevant case studies, role plays, videos, games and exercises. Along with in-house trainings, MARG also encourages external workshops, pre-training support and post-training support. All these reasons combine to make MARG an institute that provides the finest soft skills and communication skills training in Bangalore.