Almost everybody knows how to type in MS Word, build tables in MS Excel and create presentations in MS PowerPoint. But, is that all what MS Office is about? Obviously not! There is so much more involved with MS Office a Access, Excel, Groove, InfoPath, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher and Word. And, all of this includes thousands of different elements that can transform the entire expertise of your employees. In order to be a true specialist in regard to MS Office, one needs professional training of this remarkable software. Every organization should in fact arrange for compulsory MS Office training within the company to increase the effectiveness of their employees. Proficiency in using this software will help in time saving, thus resulting in financial benefits to a considerable amount.

The end users are not aware of the degree of capability that MS Office can provide them, unless they take up training sessions from an expert to realize it themself. It is not merely a basic word processor, mathematical processor or keyboard shortcut software; it has a lot of benefit associated with its usage! Running only a few components from the thousands of features available is not called achieving a great capability of the software. If you are able to arrange for customized MS Office training for your organization, you may be able to cut down your process times by as much as 50%!
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What are the different ways to attain MS Office training?

There are many ways in which your employees can be trained for MS Office including training at a respective institute, or in-house training by MS Office training professionals, or through self-learning online.

When organizations purchase licenses for their employees to use MS Office, they have an option of including e-learning from Microsoft as part of the license agreement, which contains online courses for every MS Office product. This entire process is three hours in length, where the user is walked through common tasks like inserting images and working with templates. Because it is included as part of the license agreement, it comes with no extra cost. In addition to this, there are many other online training providers who offer MS Office courses, where organizations can sign up for a monthly or annual subscription to access the full library of online courses. Thus, e-learning is more affordable and the employees can avail it from their workplace or home as they wish in their spare time, thus putting lesser stress on them. However, this is a lengthy procedure and is feature-centric.

Your employees can also learn through short video-based tutorials on the website, which are only 3 minutes in length and cover only the common tasks performed in MS Office. These tutorials are free and short but only teach the users how to perform common tasks, thus further tasks cannot be accomplished through these tutorials.

One can say that live face-to-face training at the institute or in-house training is the best method in spite of being expensive because it helps the learners to ask questions and receive answers right away, and helps in practicing the things explained in real-time. Also, certain employees who require customized training with better attention can also be catered to through face-to-face training. Register with MARG for such detailed MS Office training in Bangalore and take your MS Office skills to the next level.