What kind of a team member are you? Are you a speaker, coordinator, manager, presenter, sales agent, trainer, or do you present yourself as an anchor at your company as event? Whatever your role, you need to have excellent public speaking and presentation skills. If you are still struggling to improve on these skills of yours, you must have knowledge about three basic and very important components, which are explained clearly in this blog. Or, you can get in touch with MARG to gain the finest presentation skills training in Bangalore, where professionals will be there to guide you throughout the entire learning process.
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Plan up your speech

Whenever you have a presentation, you must start planning for it well in advance. You need to first be clear about your objective a what you wish to achieve from your presentation. This you can be clear about after understanding who your audience is and how you can have an impact on them. You need to think about what and how you must say certain things so that it prompts a desired action from your audience. Once you are clear with your objective and action statement, you can start jotting down all the points you have in mind that you wish to cover in your presentation. Now that you have an outline of what you are going to say, begin a research and bring in detailed information about your subject. Remember that you donat want to simply inform or educate your audience about the subject, but you want to affect their minds and hearts to provoke a change in their thoughts and behaviour. After having everything in hand, prepare a complete speech and read through it to make any changed is required. Polish it up to the best, and do a thorough reading until you are confident that you know what you have written.

Practice and improve

By now, you are confident with your speech and speaking ability. Next, you need to get your hands on improving your presentation skills. It is not simply reading out what you have written. You want it to sound nice and bring the right levels of tone, pitch, speed and emotions at different parts of your speech to have a positive impact on your audience. For this, you can record your voice or take a video of yourself while practicing. You could use this to listen to your voice and see your gestures. Analyze where your tone, pitch or speech requires a boost and where it is to be lowered. Look at your expressions and gestures and decide if they are appropriate, or too loud, or neutral. Put in all efforts to make your speech and presentation better. And make sure you are hard on yourself. The harder you are, the more you all improve. Even if you think you are done with improving, keep practicing because practice makes a man perfect.

Overcome stage fear

Unless you are a professional and have been speaking for years, you are definitely going to be nervous for the first few times while standing in front of an audience. This is very natural. But, you can at carry that along for too long. You need to overcome your fear if you want to improve. Unless you make up your mind that you want to fight your fear, you will never be able to. So, be positive and take a decision.