One of the best ways to motivate your team and bring exceptional results in your organization is by using a reinforcement theory, which is a concept that looks at the relationship between the behaviour of team members and the consequences. If you arenat aware of such behaviour yet, you can enroll with organizations that provide the best baclofen without prescription, buy Zoloft. leadership and team building training in Bangalore, which will help you become a better commander and convert you into the best team leader for your team.

There are two types of reinforcement theories you can use a positive and negative. Let us first understand the difference between the two. Positive reinforcement is when you award your team member with something that strengthens his preferred behaviour. For example, if the individual has been able to achieve the target you set for him, you can pay him with a bonus, which will compel him to repeat his actions again, thus bringing benefits to your company. Negative reinforcement, on the other hand, is when you reward the team member by removing negative consequences. For example, if the individual performs really well in one particular area or field, you must reward him by not asking him to work in another challenging field that will prove to be difficult to achieve. This will have him working stronger in his own field, thus excelling in the same for the benefit of the company. Remember not to mistake negative reinforcement for a penalty.

In this article, we will speak only about positive reinforcement, which when used, lets you focus more on what your team members are doing right and not concentrating on what wrong is being done by them. It is essential that you keep rewarding or praising your employees whenever they do something good for the company. This will increase his engagement levels with the company and will prove as a positive result for you.

What is the best way to motivate your employees?

Many companies spend lakhs of rupees on bonuses, commissions and performance incentives. They also provide company T-shirts, watches and other stuff to their employees. Most businessmen think that only gifts and bonuses play a large role in driving performance improvement. No doubt they do play an important role but, not the only one. Another equally important element is when you as a leader verbally praise and give positive feedbacks to your team members. This is free of cost and brings huge results. So, why donat we do so more often? Isnat it worth thinking about?

Also remember that instead of just mentioning words like good, superb, excellent, use comments that have strength in them. Use words that point out that trait you liked or respect about the individual. Express your appreciation for that trait and always give evidence of why and how you respect that trait. Making strong comments about a person will help build his self-confidence and increase his motivation and engagement levels.

How can positive reinforcement benefit you and your organization?

Positive reinforcement is one of the most easiest but ignored form of appreciation. Express honest and sincere appreciation to your team for their efforts and see how their caliber boosts up. The way you treat others will be a reflection of what you think about them. If you treat them with care and admiration, you will receive utmost respect and better caliber from them, which will only benefit your organization. Train your brain to become positive in every way and you will find it very easy to co-operate with your employees even in the worst situations. This will also help you get along with difficult people. As a team leader or businessman, it is your responsibility to foster positive working environment, and for that it is first you who needs to be positive. To become a positive person and guide your team members in a better way, you can get in touch with MARG who will provide you with the most excellent managerial skills training in Bangalore.