A manager has a large number of responsibilities on his shoulders a planning, organizing, leading, team building, team management and much more. If you want to be a successful and effective manager, you must possess a few basic qualities and gain valuable management skills.

What are the characteristics of an effective manager?

Effective communication

Effective communication is one of the most important skills you must possess as a manager. You need to express your thoughts in a way that your team can understand. You must be able to convince your team to follow your commands without sounding harsh. Just as you expect your team to listen to you carefully, similarly you must also listen to your team members to understand what issues they are facing within the organization and its processes, and you must take steps to solve the same.


Along with being a manager, you are also a leader. Thus, you will need to guide your team in the right direction and teach them the steps they must take to achieve their tasks efficiently. In order to guide your team members, you must first understand them, and for this, empathy is very important. For guiding your team, you must have the right amount of persuasive power to bring positive and desired outcomes from your people.

Problem-solving and decision-making

In case of problem-solving, decision-making or solving conflicts, it is important that you have an aptitude for seeking and recognizing the truth. As a manager, you have the position of power. Your decision will affect the working of the entire organization and thus, you must be very careful regarding your decisions. Remember that you must be able to solve issues in such a manner that they have no negative impact on co-workers and customers. You must also realize that those working under you may tell you only what you want to hear, which means only part of a story. You must have the skill to recognize the complete truth.

How to achieve managerial qualities?

Take up courses

First of all, you must pursue a degree in business management from any college or university. In addition to that, you must take up management training seminars and workshops, or sign up with a training center for a complete course. Sign up with MARG for the finest managerial skills training in Bangalore, where managers are equipped with adequate skill set and behaviour transition methods that help them grow successfully by managing teams and meeting the goals of the organization.

Learning from a mentor

You may be inspired or you may be following the practices of a respectable manager. Develop a relationship with him and ask him for advice and guidance regarding any doubt. You may also ask him to teach you the basics of becoming an efficient manager. Request him to give you personalized management training.

Reading habits

You must have a habit of reading. Reading articles and guides on management will help you a lot. You may come across many such things that you are unaware of. You may go to the library and get some relevant books or search the Web for finding articles that may guide you on the principles and applications of management skills. buy baclofen online cheap, buy zithromax.