If you communicate in the same way every day, do you think you will get different results? Obviously not! If you want the results to change, you will first have to change your attitude and presentation. It is true that there is no neutrality in the world. Everything is likely to change with time and with altering circumstances. However, there are two ways that change can take place. One is when an object starts to take on the characteristics of the environment, and starts adapting by changing itself. The second state is when an environment starts to take on the characteristics of the object placed within it, and changes accordingly. Let us consider that the object is you. So, when you are changing as per the environment, it is said that you are a conforminga to the environment. Conversely, when the environment is changing, it is you who is a?transforminga the environment. To brief it up, we can say that change is for sure, and it could be any of the two a either it is conforming or transforming.

What are you a a transformer or a conformist?

As the above mentioned information states that change can be only of two types, with no third option. So, you first need to analyze which part of change you belong to. Are you conforming to the environment, or are you transforming the environment itself? If you are a conformist who is agreeing with the environment, there isn’t any need to discuss further. But, being a conformist is not your way of working, you will definitely be looking to change the environment around you. But how? Do you know what you are supposed to do? Do you have a plan? You always need a plan or checklist to go through so that you can bring about the environmental change in the most efficient way. And, this goes for all of those who want to make a difference.

Who are you and what do you want?

Before attempting to make a difference, you need to be sure that you know a few things, namely who you are, why you are where you are, and what you want. When you are sure of these answers, you will be able to take on a learned behaviour, which will help you create a constructive environment for both yourself and those around you, thus proving to be an effective communicator. On the other hand, if you unconsciously decide who you are, why you are, and what you want in the small time fragment you have between an event and the response, it may lead to instinctive and immature behaviour. In such a case, you will only be reacting in a way that is based on your environment and what is happening at that point of time, rather than who you are and what your purpose is within the environment. So, make it a practice to reflect upon the three questions mentioned above, and review them daily to absolutely fit those answers within your mind.

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It is obvious that you ask about the benefits of the above mentioned practice. Well, it is quite natural and human to do things because of the environment and circumstances, rather than because of who you are. But, if this is what you keep doing every time, you are going to land up failing all the time. Instead, if you perform the above stated practice, then in every situation you face, you will be able to hear a voice erupting from within you that will tell you to hold on before instantly reacting, and think about if what you are planning to do or say is appropriate for you. And when this happens, you already break your cycle of failure and enter into a completely new transformational phase! And, in this way you learn how to respond based on who you are, and not in which situation you are; no matter how worse the situation may be.

So, incorporate the above mentioned practice into your life and see immediate results in your communication. This way, if the entire team in a workplace works upon t he same, there will be instant growth in positive communication, which will ultimately lead to improved employee satisfaction and better customer service. So, take up the first step and opt for professional communication skills training in Bangalore from a reputed name like MARG, where you can develop into a more powerful and confident communicator. You will also be trained to create a healthy working environment by handling negativity, and spreading positivity all around, thus creating a professional and courteous workplace.